Cambridge University Summer Project


I. Project Introduction

Ture experience of Cambridge University: experience Cambridge students’ school life in the campus of ancient and beautiful Cambridge University, listen to wonderful lectures of professors of Cambridge University, feel special academic atmosphere and campus culture, appreciate proposect thoughts and penetrating insights, and motivate students to think deeply and innovate.

Expert lecture – self-understanding – self-enhancement: famous experts’ lectures will guide students to learn successful thinking mode, make self-analysis of the past and the present, re-observe and recognize themselves, excavate their potential, focus on their own advantages, and clarify their future directions. Learn how to make a speech and create personal charisma, improve effective communication, teamwork and leadership.

Deep communication with elites: communicates with admissions teachers of famous universities and students of Oxford and Cambridge to understand the path and effective methods for applying for British famous universities, share the experiences of learning land career development, and lay a solid foundation for future studying abroad.

II. Project Schedule

15 days

III. Project Expenses

RMB 36,000/person (excluding airfare and personal expenses, reference price for2018)

IV. Consultation Mode

+86 02788147162/+86 02788147321