Audencia Nantes Summer Project


I.Project Introduction

This Audencia Nantes Summer Project is aimed to increase Chinese students’ interest in France and its culture; through studying and visiting in France, to understand the French customs and culture, to broaden the horizon, to feel different academic style and teaching philosophy, to improve personal ability, and to provide students with more help on seeking and firming their future development path. The topic of the summer project of our university is brand management and international strategy, analysis of French and European brand management and strategy, feeling of French artistic atmosphere and charm, and etc. In addition, you can visit famous French companies to understand the European business model in person and experience work and life of Frenches in depth.

II.Project Schedule

17 days

III.Project Expenses

RMB 23,800/person (including airfare, reference price for2018)

IV.Consultation Mode

+86 02788147162/+86 02788147321