Stanford University Summer School + University of California at Los Angeles Innovation Tour


I. Project Introduction

A West Coast innovative short-term exchange project created by The WTBU uniting with top professors of innovation and entrepreneurship from Stanford University (top university in the world) and academicians of the US, as well as UCLA Innovation Center - Silicon Beach. This project provides students from top universities of China and US with inter-university communication platform and makes students experience the whole processes from the beginning of innovation and entrepreneurship to commercial roadshow, what’s more, it makes students communicate with successful young entrepreneurs in the US face to face and systematically study the whole processes of innovation management and leadership development from famous teachers of Stanford University.

II. Project Schedule

22 days

III. Project Expenses

RMB 57,800/person (excluding airfare and personal expenses, reference price for2018)

IV. Consultation Mode

+86 02788147162/+86 02788147321