The School of Economics and Business Foreign Languages has the Department of International Economics and Trade, the Department of Finance and Insurance, the Department of Cultural Industry Management, the Department of International Business, the Department of Specialized Foreign Languages, and the Department of Public Foreign Languages. It has five undergraduate majors in International Economics and Trade, Finance, English, Cultural Industry Management, and International Business, and takes charge of the teaching of college English.

The School has rich resources of the teaching staff, with 14 Double Certificates Teacher (teacher and professional qualifications) and 16 external enterprise mentors. It has established professional laboratories such as international trade comprehensive training, financial practice, securities investment, independent learning platform for foreign language, and simultaneous interpretation laboratory.

According to the characteristics and advantages of the subject, the School features cultivating high-level foreign-related talents who can adapt to the needs of economic globalization and who are proficient in modern financial practice skills. By deepening the school-enterprise cooperation,and taking the Financial Forum of Central China as the platform, the School has formedan application-oriented talent training mode that linked by financial experts, entrepreneurs, teachers and students.

The various activities of the School, such as the futures simulation contest, the international trade practice contest, the English speaking contest, the Fenjin Cup competition, have become the brand activities of practice innovation at the School.