1. Finance

Educational Objectives: Cultivate high-quality and application-oriented talents who can master the basic theories and skills in finance and investment, and with expert professional quality, strong practical ability and awareness of innovation

Core Curriculum: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics, Monetary Finance, Corporate Finance, Financial Market, International Finance, Insurance, Commercial Banking and Management, Securities Investment, etc.

Major Features: School-enterprise cooperation adopts the talent training model of Order Class + certificate, and carries out Foundation Courses, Famous Teacher Courses, Enterprise Courses, Project Courses to develop the innovative practice ability.

Employment Orientation: Engage in financial marketing, financial transactions, financial planning, and channel operation, financial risk management and so on in the securities, banking, insurance and other financial institutions and financial management departments of government and other enterprise and public institutions.

2. English

Educational Objectives: Cultivate application-oriented talents who can master the basic theories of English and American literature, culture, translation, business, etc., and with certain English language skills and foreign trade practice ability, expert English expression and communication skills, and be proficient in using English in related fields such as foreign affairs, foreign trade, tourism, translation and education.

Core Curriculum: Comprehensive English, English listening, English Extensive Reading, English Writing, English Speaking and Eloquence, English Literature, Business English Translation, Theory and Practice of English-Chinese / Chinese-English Translation, Liaison-escort Interpretation Training.

Major Features: Focus on cultivating talents with diversified English knowledge and comprehensive professional ability. The one-time pass rate of TEM 4 and 8 exceeds the national average. Highlight the interdisciplinary foreign language ability of professional skills + English education + business translation.

Employment Orientation: Engage in English teaching, business translation, English editing, English journalists, foreign-related public relations, foreign-related tour guides at the primary and secondary schools, foreign-funded enterprises, administrative institutions.

3. International Economy and Trade

Educational Objectives: Cultivate high-quality and application-oriented talents who can master the basic knowledge and skills in economics and international trade, and be proficient in English and information technology, with good capabilities of communication, coordination and innovation, and can engage in foreign-related economic and trade work in foreign-related economic and trade departments, foreign trade enterprises and government agencies.

Core Curriculum: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Accounting Principles, Statistics, Monetary Finance, International Finance, International Trade, International Trade Practice, International Settlement, Business English Correspondence.

Educational Objectives: Adopt the training mode of foreign trade + English + practice, relying on theoretical teaching and practical teaching to cultivate professional quality, application ability of professional technology and management ability.

Employment Orientation: Engage in foreign trade sales, merchandisers, customs brokers, freight forwarders, corporate marketing personnel, e-commerce sales and other positions.

4. Cultural Industry Management

Educational Objectives: Cultivate application-oriented talents who can master the basic knowledge and skills in cultural industry management, cultural project operation, and creative planning, and can engage in cultural marketing, management, planning and other related work.

Core Curriculum: Management, Economics, Chinese Culture, World Culture, Cultural Trade and the Creative Design of Investment, Cultural Activity Planning, Case Analysis of Cultural Industry, Media Operation and Management, CI Planning and Design, Display Space Design, Advertising Software (PS), Video Editing, etc.  

Employment Orientation: Engage in relevant practical work in various cultural industries such as radio and television, news and publishing, tourism, art performance, cultural trade and investment, and cultural relic and museums career.

Major Features: This major adopts the training mode of combining theoretical knowledge with Creative Planning Contest, and the learning mode of interest group, such as video shooting studios, operation team of WeChat Official Account.

5. International Business

Educational Objectives: Cultivate high-quality and application-oriented talents who can master the basic theories, basic knowledge and basic skills in modern management, economics and international business, with a good level of foreign language and stronger practical ability, and can engage in international business, business event planning and business management in foreign-related business enterprises and government agencies.

Core Curriculum: Management, Economics, International Business, International Trade, International Marketing, International Finance, E-Commerce, International Business Management, etc.

Major Features: Focus on the listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating of business English, highlighting the application ability of business English.

Employment Orientation: engage in international commercial vouching clerk, business management, business operation and project management, business planning, business negotiation, business consultant and other positions.