The School of E-Commerce is a pilot school for reform of colleges and universities in Hubei. It has three undergraduate majors including E-commerce, Information Management and Systems, and Marketing. There are 92 faculty members, including 18 professors and associate professors. The School enjoys many honors such as Hubei provincial-level quality course Online Marketing, and Hubei key cultivation undergraduate major, Hubei pilot project of professional comprehensive reform, Hubei talent training undergraduate program for strategic emerging (pillar) industry, provincial-level practice and training base of modern logistics and e-commerce at Hubei colleges and universities and many other provincial honors.

The School has the first-class simulative and process-oriented e-commerce laboratory in the province, and has established close cooperative relations with Tatwah Smartech Group, Groupfly Group, Guangdong New Route,Ta-partner, Shanghai Tongchao, etc.; The School has set up the Order Class of cross-border e-commerce, online business transaction, online business security and others. Each student is required to participate in the Internet project management practice to exercise practical ability and to obtain the industrial qualification certificate in practical training. The School cultivates talents in cross-border and mobile e-commerce operations, internet product development, chain operations, business planning, design and development of information system, data analysis and business decision-making.