1. E-commerce Major

Educational Objectives: Cultivate the application-oriented talents who master the basic knowledge and skills related to e-commerce, have fairly strong capabilities of e-commerce planning, development, management and application, have quite strong language and literal expression, interpersonal communication skills, as well as innovation awareness and entrepreneurial ability.

Core Curriculum: Marketing, Internet Marketing, Computer Network, Introduction to E-Commerce, Enterprise E-Commerce Management, Introduction to Logistics Management, Electronic Payment, Customer Relationship Management, Multimedia Technology, Website Construction, etc., which conforms to the 6+X core curriculum system of the national standard for the e-commerce undergraduate major teaching quality.

Major Features: Construct a three-in-one three-dimensional practical teaching system with distinctive major features of experiment, training and practice, and cultivate innovative spirit and practical ability for students.

Employment Orientation: Engage in e-commerce (including cross-border e-commerce) planning and design, e-commerce (including cross-border e-commerce) operation support, and development management of internet product in enterprises and government departments.

2. Marketing Major

Educational Objectives: This major develops all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetics for students, and makes them equipped with basic knowledge of economics and management, and master basic marketing theories and knowledge, and be able to work on the market development, customer service, market research and analysis, and marketing planning and execution etc., with a solid basic theory of market economy, strong comprehensive professional ability and innovative spirit, and be capable of using the marketing basic theories and methods in various industrial and commercial enterprises, including applied technique-oriented talents engaged in related work of marketing management in marketing planning consulting institutions and market research institutions.

Core Curriculum: Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Market Research and Prediction, Business Negotiation, Internet Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Management, Advertisement, International Marketing.

Major Features: Combine marketing theory and practice, which is highly applicable and innovative. Project training, internship training, marketing competitions and other practical training sessions provide students with a practical environment, enabling students to learn in real projects, business environments and market environments, and to improve the ability to discover and solve problems, in order to cultivate the comprehensive application-oriented talent with compound knowledge and hands-on ability.

Employment Orientation: Engage in the middle and basic marketing management in industrial and commercial enterprises, such as market research, product management, marketing planning, channel management, store management, sales representatives, marketing training, customer management, sales management, etc.

3. Information Management and Information System Major

Educational Objectives: Master the basic theories, knowledge and skills of modern economics, management, and computer science, and have the abilities of information system analysis and design, information system development, mobile application development, enterprise information management and data analysis.

Core Curriculum: Basic Computer Theory and Application: Introduction to Information Management, Management Information Systems; Data Statistics and Analysis: Economics, Management, Operations Research; Information Systems Design and Development: Information Systems Analysis and Design, Data Structure, Database Principles and Applications.

Major Features: This is an interdisciplinary major, requiring that students are able to use the principles of management and information technology to analyze, design and manage information systems, and also has the basic skills and techniques necessary for the development, maintenance and management of management information systems.

Employment Orientation: Engage in mobile application development, pre-sales consulting and system maintenance in information consulting companies and software development companies.