The School of Management is one of the largest and most comprehensive schools in this university. The discipline of business administration was approved as a key cultivation discipline in Hubei; Hubei Business Service Development Research Center was approved as the key research base of humanities and social sciences in Hubei; on the basis of joint training for postgraduates with Wuhan Polytechnic University, it was approved to cultivate Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduates jointly with Wuhan Institute of Technology.

The disciplines cover eight majors in Accounting, Financial Management, Tourism Management, Business Management, Property Management, Human Resources Management, Exhibition Economy and Management, and Health Services and Management. At present, there are more than 200 full-time and part-time teachers, among which, professor accounts for 10%, 70% are middle and senior titles, and more than 30 teachers are corporate supervisors.

The school focus on cultivating application-oriented senior management talents, and adopts the Double Certificate education mode combining academic education and vocational certificate education, the 3+1 cultivating mode and the Order Class training mode, and builds the Seven Combinations cultivating model of applied-type talents. The annual employment rate is over 92%.