The WTBU International Culture Festival opened Chinese and Foreign students rejoiced together


News Center (Reporter: Zhou Fan, Liu Letian) –“What is the color of the flag of Ireland?” “Green, orange and white!” At noon on May 15, The WTBU International Culture Festival opened in front of the Complex Building in the university. Foreign students form countries such as Korea, Yemen and Pakistan gathered with students of the WTBU for the cultural feast.

The reporters saw that a large map was spread in front of the Complex Building on the square, on which was countries that the university cooperated with, showing the result of international exchanges and cooperation of the university. In addition to introduction to the cultures and international exchange projects of countries such as Korea, US and UK, there was foreign knowledge award-winning quiz, literary and artistic activities and presentations in the cultural festival.

Site of activity, photographer: Du Haochen

A culture exhibition stand was set out on the square in front of the Complex Building, showing various study aboard programs of the university and the culture of each country. The quiz game had attracted students’ attention to the study aboard program. Zhang Mengci, office director of College of International Education, said that, there were more than 60 students coming to consult the situation of studying aboard on the day of active.

Foreign students from Korea showed lithe and graceful dancing to teachers and students of the university on the site of activity, attracting lots of students to come to watch and experience. Students from various countries met friends through dancing and communicated with each other on harvest and happiness of participating in the culture festival in Chinese.

The picture shows Korean students are dancing. Photographer: Du Haochen

Jin Zhaoxi, foreign student form Daejin University, said in influent Chinese that: “This activity is really interesting. Studying here makes me feel the different cultures of different countries.” She also told the reporter that she loved China, and liked Chinese language too, she would like to be a Chinese language teacher in the future.

The picture shows foreign students taking pictures happily. Photographer: Tang Mingyue

Liu Heng, a year 2 student of faculty of management, participated in the International Culture Festival, and he said that through participating in the culture festival he had understood many study aboard programs and hoped himself have change to go aboard, extend horizon and take further education.

It is known that the International Culture Festival would last for two days, during which the university would hold lectures on studying aboard. Teacher Zhang Mengci said that the International Culture Festival is the first time for the university, and it intended to hold such culture festival twice every year to promote cultural exchanges of China and foreign countries and enhance students’ interest in studying aboard.