College of International Education of the WTBU held bilingual salon debate competition


News Center (reporter: Wang Yilin) At 4 pm on May 10, 2018, the No.114 Practice Center in Foreign Language Building was full of students coming to attend the bilingual salon debate competition. In this debate competition, the debaters of both sides were mainly consisted of Chinese students from English Club and foreign students from International Institute. The competition was presided over by Zhang Mengci, a teacher from College of International Education. Foreign teachers Jacob and Sandrah and Chinese language teacher Zhang Qin also took part in this competition. The topic of this debate competition was “should we continue be friends after breakup?”. The purpose of this debate competition was to hope Chinese and foreign students could have more change for communication enabling Chinese and foreign students to learn each other’s language

Each debater took their seats according to their thoughts. There were only 3 people in the positive party considering “should”, but 8 people in the negative party. First, the presider introduced the rules of the debate competition, then debaters of each parties introduced themselves in turns. The one who spoke first was Yu Yuan, an foreign student and the debater of positive party, she demonstrated her points with her true examples. “I had a great relationship with my ex-boyfriend when we were together, we both knew each other well. Even after a breakup, I’d think of him first when I suffer anything.” Yu Yuan explained. However, Ai Wen, debater of the negative party, questioned her views. He believed that friends could be divided into common friends and close friends. “I don’t think two people who know each other well will become good friends after breakup. People always forget what’s happy, but remember what’s sad, especially girls. Sometimes two people’s personality may be suitable for being lovers, but they may not be compatible as good friends. And I have summed up a saying ‘the words have been said, the time has passed, the guy is gone, never come back’.” His speech elicited a burst of applause. Foreign students An Ning, Ma Han, Wang Long and others agreed. But at this time, Ren Yang, a Chinese debater of the positive party who had not spoken yet, stood up and refuted Ai Wen. He said “70% of the world population is male and only 30% is female. It is undeniable that most men think with the private parts, while women are relatively rational. They’re complementary to each other, so even if they have broken up, they could still be good friends.” Debaters from both sides rushed to speak, attracting numerous passing students to watch.

The performance of foreign students Ai Wen and Yu Yuan was well received by all person on site. As a result, they were selected as the best debaters in the debate competition. Finally, three teachers summarized the debate competition.