The WTBU held Chinese language and culture course opening ceremony for Korean exchange students from Daejin University


News Center (Reporter: Chen Jie, Wang Shiyu; Photographer: Xiang Hui, Huang Fanqi) – At 14:30 pm on March 15, the WTBU held a Spring Chinese Language and Culture Course Opening Ceremony for 9 Korean exchange students from Daejin University, and 3 foreign students from Tanzania, Pakistan and Yemen respectively in the No.113 conference room in the Foreign Language Building of this university. Kong Shaomin, director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department and Eun-joo Kim, teachers of International Exchange division of Daejin University attended this ceremony.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Director Kong welcomed all exchange students. When talking about that these exchange students would start their new university life in the WTBU, Director Kong emphasized that: “The mission of a university is to explore, innovate and spread knowledge. The exchange of culture and academic has become the theme of our era and the dissemination of knowledge has crossed the national boundary.” Director Kong sent sincere wishes to everybody and proposed three hopes: the first one was to hope everybody could learn Chinese language course carefully and improve the level; the second one was to hope everybody could actively integrate into the campus culture and life, feel the differences of different cultures, and cultivate their own cross-cultural literacy; the third one was to hope everybody could actively and deeply understand and experience Chinese history and culture and become the envoy of friendship spreading China-Korea friendship.

Eun-joo Kim, teacher of International Exchange Division of Daejin University, said that Daejin University had deep exchange cooperation relationship with the WTBU, “Our students all like China, they will never forget anything in China, they have experienced abundant and colorful club activities, witnessed the extensive and profound Chinese culture, and felt the enthusiasm of students of College of Industry and Commerce.” Teacher Eun-joo Kim really appreciated The WTBU for the cares on exchange students from Daejin University in the past, and expected that the two universities would conduct more exchange and cooperation in the future.

Eun-joo Kim, teacher of International Exchange Division of Daejin University, is speaking
Foreign teacher Sandrah also welcomed all exchange students: “The WTBU is a warm family, hope you can feel at home in the new university and feel the friendly cares from the university, and take good advantages of this chance to harvest more through the study for one academic year and return with satisfaction.”

I’m luck enough to study in Korean for half a year, and I’ve felt the fun of Korean language and different learning method, also felt the unique landscape and humanity charm of this country. That is a special and interesting experience and has left a vivid impression on me.” Shared by Tian Ye, a student from the WTBU.

I’m glad to come to the WTBU, I hope I can learn Chinese culture here, can speak fluent Chinese and make a lot of Chinese friends. I definitely will learn Chinese language hardly!” said student representative for Daejin University.

                                      Li Heyan, student representative, is speaking

Lastly, Director Kong sent each exchange student with a note book specially designed by the WTBU and hoped that all exchange students could record every little happy hour in the studying and life in the future.