The WTBU held graduation ceremony for exchange students from Daejin Univesity



    News Center (Reporter: Yang Xu, Duan Kaixin) –At 10:00 am on January 4, 2018, The WTBU held the Chinese language course graduation ceremony for 8 exchange students from Daejin University in the International Conference Room of the International Division of this university. Dai Shengqiao, dean of College of International Education and all teachers of this institute attended this ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by teacher Zhang Mengci.

    It is reported that the 8 exchange students from Daejin University had completed a semester of Chinese language elementary course covering listening, speaking, reading and writing of Chinese language and Chinese traditional culture practical activities such as calligraphy, papercutting and Wushu.

    At the beginning of the ceremony, Dean Dai Shengqiao congratulated Korean exchange students for completion of research and study. He emphasized that:” Graduation is not the end, but the beginning of a new journey in your life. I hope you can continue studying and spreading Chinese culture.” He said that the WTBU had deep communication and cooperation relationship with Daejin University, and would send exchange students to Daejin University in the future, it was hoped that the exchange students of these two universities could make friends with and help each other. Teachers of the institute also sent sincere wishes to the Korean students, especially teacher Zhang Mengci who send her wishes in Korean. Teacher Zhang Qing also expressed her wishes to Korean students through interesting idiom string puzzle, which also made them understand how extensive and profound the Chinese culture is more deeply.

    Later on, Dean Dai awarded Course-Completion Certificate to Korean exchange students. At the end of the ceremony, the institute showed the studying life of exchange students in this semester at the WTBU through video. After the closing of ceremony, teachers and students attending carried out a “making dumplings and talking about reunion” activity. This folk activity with Chinese characteristics sent best wishes to Korean exchange students.