National Culture Research Center


National Culture Research Center was established on March 6, 2013, with Xiang Baisong from Faculty of Literature and Communication of South-Central University for Nationalities, concurrently serving as the director of National Culture Research Center and Tang Mei serving as the deputy director. The center, since its establishment, has investigated, collected, collated and researched the excellent cultures of minorities and minority areas, and has searched, excavated and cultivated minority cultural and artistic brands, forming a unique national cultural highlight. In the new historical development period, the center takes the minority students enrolled in the university as the research objects to research the distinctive culture of minority students by way of systematically conducting follow-up interviews and survey visits to them, and explores the characteristics and trends of the development of national culture in China with the help of minority students’ connections and optimized geographical resources, and strives to contribute to the promotion and popularization of the outstanding traditional culture of local nationalities.