Treatment and recycling of powdered activated carbon


Outstanding Young and Middle-Aged Scientific and Technological Innovation Team of Institutions of Higher Education in Hubei Province – treatment and recycling of powdered activated carbon. The responsible person of this team is Zhou Zhiwei, associate professor, doctor of engineering, long-term engaging in the research on the theory and technology of water quality security.

Based on the characteristics of pollutants in simulated and actual water samples and the characteristics of powdered activated carbon (PAC), to clarify the correlation between the particular pollutants in water and the index of characteristics of activated carbon, establish the model equation of the index of characteristics of water quality and the index of characteristics of PAC, and guide the efficient and rapid selection of PAC in practical engineering applications.

This team is presiding over several projects such as scientific research planning projects of Hubei Natural Science Funds and Hubei Education Department, has published 43 articles in periodicals such as the Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, Separation and Purification Technology, Journal of Chemical Engineering, and Journal of Environmental Science, applied for 14 national patent (4 approved), and won a third prize for scientific and technological progress of Hubei Province and a bronze prize for national science and technology workers innovational and entrepreneurship competition.