Student Status Management


  1.  Foreign students shall apply for the visa within the specified time and timely send it to College of International Education and New Silk Road International College for filing and complete the registration procedures on time. Anyone who is not able to register as scheduled, shall state sufficient reasons in writing to ask for leave from College of International Education and New Silk Road International College of our university. Generally, the leave of absence shall not exceed two weeks. Anyone who fails to ask for leave or fails to register two weeks after the leave is overdue, shall be deemed as having waived the qualification of admission, except for special reasons such as force majeure.

  2.  Upon admission of a new student, the university shall, within three months, review the admission qualification and health status of him in accordance with relevant national regulations on the enrollment of foreign students. Those who have complete formalities and have passed the review shall be allowed to enroll; those who fail the review will be managed by the university as the case may be.

  3.  College of International Education and New Silk Road International College shall organize and implement each teaching link in coordination with the Academic Affairs Department and Faculties according to the cultivation plan; and provide comments and suggestions on the learning situation of foreign students during their study, no less than once a semester.

  4.  Foreign students shall be managed according to the student status management regulations of the university. For foreign students who have excellent academic performance and outstanding contributions, shall be given oral or written praise and awarded prizes or certificates. For students who violate university regulations or other relevant regulations, shall be given punishments such as warning, severe warning, demerit recording, academic probation, de-registration and expulsion. The decision of rewards and punishments shall, besides been announced to the party involved, be informed by the university in writing to relevant embassies and consulates stationed in China or dispatching units.

  5.  Foreign students who complete their studies on schedule and pass the examination will be issued a graduation (completion) certificate by the university. Those who drop out will only be issued a certificate of advanced study indicating the length of study according to relevant regulations.