Administrative Measures for Foreign Student Scholarship in Hubei Province


Chapter OneGeneral Rules


  1.  In order to attract more foreign students to study and engage in scientific research in institutions of higher education in Hubei Province, improve the quality of education on foreign students, promote the understanding and friendship of foreign students to Hubei province, and expand the international influence of education of Hubei province, Hubei foreign student scholarship is specially established.

  2.  Hubei foreign student scholarship (hereinafter referred to as the “Scholarship”) is funded and set up by the people’s government of Hubei province. The Provincial Financial Department shall include it into the provincial budget of Education Department, and the Provincial Education Department shall be responsible for its daily management.

  3.  This scholarship is for foreign students who are friendly and with excellent academic performance and good moral characters.

  4.  This scholarship will be awarded once a year.

Chapter TwoScope of Application

  1.  This scholarship is applicable for all institutions of higher education admitting foreign students in this province.

  2.  This scholarship is for foreign doctoral candidates, master degree candidates, undergraduates and postgraduates learning Chinese language and culture for more than 1 academic year.

Chapter ThreeStandard of Scholarship

  1.  The standards of foreign student scholarship are as follows:

    1.  RMB 12000 for each doctoral candidate each time

    2.  RMB 10000 for each master degree candidate each time

    3.  RMB 8000 for each undergraduate each time

    4.  RMB 8000 for each postgraduate learning Chinese language and culture

Chapter FourConditions of Applicant

  1.  The applicant shall have foreign nationality, hold foreign passport and be friendly to China.

  2.  The applicant must have good performance and no behavior violating university disciplines and regulations such as absenteeism inside the campus and violating Chinese laws and regulations outside the campus.

  3.  The applicant shall have the corresponding Chinese language level and provide relevant certificates such as HSK Certificate and other Chinese language learning and examination certificates. For some majors which are directly taught in English, the term ban be extended appropriately.

  4.  The grades of applicant must be among the best in his/her grade or class.

  5.  Other basic conditions the applicant shall have are as follows respectively:

    1.  Scholarship for undergraduate: the applicant shall have a diploma equivalent to that of a Chinese senior middle school and be under the age of 25.

    2.  Scholarship for master degree candidate: the applicant shall have a bachelor degree and recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors, and be under the age of 30.

    3.  Scholarship for doctoral candidate: the applicant shall have a master degree and recommendation letters form two professors or associate professors, and be under the age of 35.

    4.  Scholarship for Chinese language and culture: the applicant shall not be graduated from the major of Chinese language and culture, or have a certain Chinese language foundation specially coming to Hubei for further education of Chinese language or improvement of Chinese language and culture level, shall have a diploma equivalent to that of a Chinese senior middle school and be under the age of 35.

Chapter FiveApplication and Evaluation

  1.  The scholarship will be allocated by the provincial Department of Education to institutions of higher education enrolling foreign students.

  2.  Each institution of higher education shall, in accordance with the allocated quota and requirements in Chapter Four herein, organize foreign students to apply and conduct evaluation on campus. The evaluation shall be on the basis of the principles of openness, fairness and justice, the results of evaluation shall be publicized for 1 week on campus.

  3.  After the institutions of higher education report the evaluation results to the provincial Education Department, the provincial Education Department shall publish the award list on the Hubei education information network ( for one week according to the requirements. If there is no objection, the provincial Education Department shall lastly issue a document to confirm.

  4.  The funds needed for the scholarship of approved winning foreign students shall be allocated from the provincial finance treasury to the relevant institution of higher education, and then awarded to the student by the university.

  5.  Materials needed to be submitted when applying for this scholarship are:

    1.  Hubei Foreign Student Scholarship Application Form

    2.  Copy of personal passport

    3.  Proof of highest education and degree (such as Graduation Certificate)

    4.  Certificate of achievement and performance at university issued by the university

    5.  Original copy of relevant recommendation letter referred to in Article Twelve herein

Chapter SixOthers

  1.  Each institution of higher education may make corresponding evaluation measures pursuant to this Measures.

  2.  The administrative measures for scholarship of students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan studying in Hubei may be executed with reference to this Measures.

  3.  This Measures shall be implemented from September 2006.

  4.  This Measures is interpreted by Finance Department and Education Department of Hubei Province.

 Annex: Hubei Province Foreign Student Scholarship Application Form


Serial Number:


Hubei Province Foreign Student Scholarship Application Form

Year 2006



Student Name (in Chinese):  


Student Name (in English):  


University (college):





Filling Date:


Prepared by Hubei Province Education Department




1Basic Information of Applicant:








Family Name

Given Name



Date of Birth

Passport No.


3Foreign Student Category:

Doctoral Candidate              □   Master Degree Candidate

Undergraduate                  □   Postgraduate of Chinese Language


5Permanent Address and Contact:

To be filled by the university

6Major courses and effect evaluation: (including language learning, professional courses, teaching practice, and etc. Please attach the transcript, paper, and on and off-campus performance, etc.)











Add pages if this page is not sufficient

Comments and suggestions of tutors or class teacher

















Comments and suggestions of faculty














Responsible people:                             Signature(Seal)



Evaluation comments of university














Responsible people:                          Signature (Seal)



Evaluation comments of Provincial Education Department














Responsible people:                          Signature (Seal)