Administration Measures for Daily Class of Foreign Students



  1. Attend class on time according to the class schedule, and shall not play truant and be late or leave without reasons.

  2. Diploma students asking for leave due to illness shall apply to the tutor for leave procedure with a medical certification. In case of asking for leave for personal affairs, a written request for leave shall be wrote in advance, and approved by the tutor for leaving for less than 3 days, and by the leaders of College of International Education for leaving for more than 3 days.

  3. The accumulative total leave (including leave for illness and personal affairs) of a student shall not exceed two third of the total number of weeks in each semester. Those who leaves exceeding that shall be treated as automatic dropout in principle.

  4. Diploma students who play truant without asking for leave or approval of leave shall be treated as absenteeism. The truant students shall be treated according to following principles:

Students truanting for more than 2 continuous weeks or 40 academic hours accumulatively (including 40 academic hours) shall be ordered to quit, those truanting for less than 40 academic hours shall be     treated according to the following principles:

  1. Students truanting for 2 to 4 continuous days or 8 to 16 academic hours accumulatively, shall be given punishment of warning;

  2. Students truanting for Students truanting for 5 to 6 continuous days or 17 to 24 academic hours accumulatively, shall be given punishment of serious warning;

  3. Students truanting for 7 to 8 continuous days or 25 to 32 academic hours accumulatively, shall be given punishment of recording demerit;

  4. Students truanting for 9 to 10 continuous days or 33 to 40 academic hours accumulatively, shall be given punishment of academic probation;

Students who resume classes after or before the expiry of leave, shall report to the Foreign Student Administration Office of College of International Education for resumption form leave.

Students who still cannot take the course after the expiry of leave must apply for extension of leave. If he cannot apply for leave procedure in person, he may delegate others to apply on behalf of him. Those who fail to apply for procedure of extension of leave shall be treated as absenteeism.

  1. Problems of diploma students regarding upgrade and repeating a grade shall be handled with reference to the regulations of university on student status management.

  2. Foreign students who violate Chinese national law constituting a criminal shall be treated in accordance with the law; those who violate university regulations, destroying public property, fighting and brawling, excessively drinking or having other misconducts shall be given punishments such as warning, serious warning, demerit recording, academic probation or expulsion from academic status by the university respectively as the case may be.

Once the above punishments are decided, the university will, besides informing the party involved, inform his/her diplomatic or representative organization stationed in China or his/her domestic dispatching unit in writing. Those who must terminate studying on campus shall go back to their countries immediately.

For student who is on academic probation, if he can correct his mistake within half a year, the punishment can be cancelled; if he cannot correct or repeats such mistake after being educated, he shall be expulsed from student status.

  1. For foreign students who abide by the university disciplines and have excellent academic performance, the university shall give praise and rewards and recommend them to study for a higher degree.

  2. Diploma students requesting for temporary absence form school, dropout, transferring to another school or extension of period of schooling or change of major of study shall be treated with reference to the Administrative Measures for Student Status of Undergraduate of the WTBU, and shall apply to our university in advance (those extending period of schooling or changing major of study must apply at the end of first semester) for approval.

  3. Diploma students losing their Student ID must go to Student Affair Department for reapplication procedure. The reapplication of Student ID of non-diploma students shall be handled by Foreign Student Administration Office of College of International Education. The specific procedure of reapplication is to complete an application form for reapplication of Student ID indicating the time, place and reason of loss of Student ID and then submit a one-inch photo and the service fee.

  4. The checking of attendance of non-diploma students shall be executed with reference to relevant regulations on diploma students.