Administrative Regulations on Foreign Student Apartment of the WTBU


 Chapter One Life System

In order to ensure that foreign students can enjoy a normal and stable study and living environment in the dormitory building, and to guarantee the personal and property safety of foreign students, it is hoped that all students could abide by the following rules and regulations:

  1. Foreign students shall stay in the designated room. Please do not change room or forcibly occupy room without permission. Please do not sublease the room to others, otherwise the violator will be treated according to relevant regulations as the seriousness of the case may be.

  2. Foreign students must go through the procedures and pay a certain security deposit when checking in to the dormitory, and the staff will check the facilities and return the security deposit when foreign students checking out from the dormitory. In case of damage or loss of facilities, it shall be compensated according to the cost. If there is no damage or loss of facilities, the security deposit will be returned exactly the number. The facilities and furniture in the room are all used as a set, please do not discard them outside the room.

  3. Please take care of your personal belongs. Always lock the door when you leave the room. If you have valuables or large amount of cash, please put in the safe or deposit in the bank.

  4. Please safekeep the key of the room and do not lend it to others. In case of loss, please report to the Foreign Student Administration Office of College of International Education. Please do not make a key, add lock to or change the lock of the room door by yourself. The violator will be treated according to relevant regulations.

  5. Please do not drink, gamble, take drugs, go whoring, fight, preach or engage in other illegal activities in the building.

  6. Please keep the environment of the building clean. Chairs in the public area shall not be moved outdoor. Please take care of personal and public hygiene. Do not scribble or paste things on walls and doors. Please do not pour water or throw cigarette ends, paper scraps or sundries outside the window. Please do not pile up sundries in the corridors and accesses to ensure smooth passage.

  7. Please keep the building quiet. Please do not make noise or play music loudly. Please do not play football, play Mahjong or feed animals.

  8. If a foreign student needs a service staff to clean his/her room, he/she may make an appointment with the logistics corporation. A certain fee will be charged for each cleaning.

  9. The gate of the building will be opened on 6:30 in the morning and closed on 11:00 in the evening. Getting back to the dormitory after 11 o’clock in the evening, may press the doorbell to inform the staff on duty to open the door.

Chapter Two Visiting System

  1. In order to ensure the personal and property safety of foreign students, visitors shall go through the verification and registration procedures at the doorkeeper; after meeting the visitors, the registration form with the signature of the visitors shall be returned to the doorkeeper and their own identifications will be returned to them. Visitors without identification shall not enter the foreign student apartment.

  2. If a foreign student has visiting relatives or compatriots who need to stay overnight in the room, he shall apply to the Foreign Student Administration Office of College of International Education for approval, and go through the accommodation registration procedures and pay a certain fee according to the regulations of the public security department. Otherwise, the doorkeeper will be entitled to ask them to leave.

    Chapter Three Security System

  1. It is strictly forbidden to carry inflammable, explosive, highly poisonous and radioactive dangerous articles into the building. In case of carrying aforesaid articles, please hand over them to the doorkeeper for safekeeping.

  2. Please do not burn anything inside the dormitory building and do not set off fireworks and firecrackers.

  3. The power outlets in the room are only applicable for electric appliances under 800W.

  4. It is forbidden to use illegal electrical appliances, privately connect wires and cook food with open fire inside the room

  5. Anyone who violate relevant regulations causing a fire or accident shall compensate for all losses. Those who are serious will be treated in accordance with relevant Chinese laws.