1. Professor Zhang Jinhai (金海), the chairman of China Advertising Education Research Association, the top ten outstanding advertising scholars in China, and the lifelong contribution personage of Chinese advertising academic development. His main research directions are advertising communication and media management. He is currently the dean of the School of Humanity & Law.

2. Associate Professor Fan Hongxia (范红霞). She was graduated from School of Law in Wuhan University. Her main research interests are contract law and real estate law practice. She has presided over 2 provincial teaching research projects and 1 construction project of online course. She is currently the deputy dean of the School of Humanity & Law.

3. Professor Ke Yun (柯赟), a senior UI designer, senior graphic designer and senior network engineer. He has presided over 3 provincial-level teaching and research projects, published more than 30 papers, guided students to obtain 1 provincial excellent student papers, and guided students to participate in the National College Student Advertising Design Contest, the National Computer Digital Media Contest, and won 5 second prizes and 18 third prize. He was awarded as the Backbone Teacher and Double Certificates Teacher of the school.  

4. Associate Professor Lin Xiang (林翔). He has published 1 monograph and more than 20 academic articles in authoritative and core academic journals, and presided over the Later Period Project of the National Social Science Fund, the Hubei Provincial Think Bank Project, and the humanities and social sciences projects of Wuhan Association of Social Sciences. He has participated in many other provincial and ministerial projects. He is currently the assistant dean of the School of Humanity & Law, and the executive deputy director of the Advertising and Media Economics Research Center.

5. Associate Professor Mao Yi (毛毅). He has been awarded the honorary title of “San Yu Ren” advanced individual, My Favorite Teacher and Good Teacher of Industry and Commerce. His main research directions are news theory, new media communication and so on. He has published more than 10 teaching and research papers in professional and core journals, and has presided over teaching and research projects such as the Humanities and Social Science Planning Fund Project of the Ministry of Education and the Humanities and Social Sciences Project of the Provincial Department of Education. He has also participated in many provincial and school-level teaching and research projects.

6. Associate Professor Chen Yuanyuan (陈媛媛). She has won the honors of My Favorite Teacher, the first Business Scholar, the fourth Backbone Teacher, the advanced individual in practical teaching, and the third prize of the 4th Young Teacher Lecture Contest. Her research interests include new media development and new media business. She has presided over a number of provincial and school-level teaching and research projects, and she is currently the head of the Department of Network and New Media.

7. Associate Professor Xiao Zhifen (肖志芬). Her main research directions are network communication and new media advertising. She mainly teaches courses such as Writing of Advertising Copy, New Media Typesetting and Advertising Photography. She has presided over 1 provincial-level scientific research project, 3 school-level teaching and research projects, published 1 teaching material, and published 5 core articles.

8. Associate Professor Zhang Meizhen (张梅贞). She has been awarded the Backbone Teacher and Outstanding Talents in Industry and Commerce. Her research interests include political communication, advertising and the media economy. She has presided over 1 youth project of the Ministry of Education.

9. Associate Professor Zhou Xiaoqing (周小情), the deputy director of Hubei Network Social Development Research Center of Wuhan Technology and Business University. Her research direction is online public opinion. She has been appraised by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and the provincial network information office for Advanced Individuals in the National Public Opinion Information Work, and she was awarded as the expert in the public opinion research of the network information office of Hubei Province. In 2017, she was appointed to host and complete a number of projects such as the Hubei Provincial Social Science Fund and the Legal Affairs Office. She has published 1 monograph (co-author) and 6 core journal articles.

10. Dr. Ye Kuan (叶宽). His main research directions are the communication of literature in song dynasty and the communication of new media. At present, he undertakes teaching and research related to the course Collection and Analysis of Network Data.