School Characteristics


The School of Humanity & Law, since it was established, has always adhered to the Three-semester System, which divides each school year into three semesters, including two months of summer vacation as the third semester, with a purposeful, planned, and step-by-step organization of students to the practice base to conduct professional internships with the core objective of improving vocational skills, so that students receive professional training for up to 12 months and 9 months respectively. The School provides students with effective internship positions matching their majors, to truly apply what they have learned, and to gain a better understanding, at the same time, to create the third semester keeping up with the times, with the attitude of active exploration, bold innovation, continuous improvement and pursuit of perfection.At present, journalism students have published more than 100,000 works and won many provincial and municipal news awards. The pass rate of judicial examination of Certificate A for law students is much higher than the national average pass rate for three consecutive years. In 2017, the pass rate of judicial examination was as high as 51.8% which has far exceeded the national average pass rate of 10%; the students of advertising majors have won numerous awards in various advertising contests, including 1 national second prize, 1 third prize, 15 excellent prizes, and 7 provincial first prize, 5 provincial second prizes, 16 provincial third prizes and 25 provincial excellence awards.