The School of Art and Design has six majors: Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, Product Design, Painting (game art, commercial painting), Digital Media Art, and Dance Performance. There are 65 teachers in the School, among which 26% are teachers with assistant titles or above, 87% are teachers with intermediate titles or above, and 34% are Double Certificate teachers with dual-skills.

Guided by the local economy and market demand, theSchool has carried out teaching reforms on the cultivation ofapplication-oriented talents, and has set up innovative experimental classes with well-known national design companies, and has developed a separate talent training program to accurately cultivate professionals of Brand Design. The innovative experimental class is linked to the commercial behavior by promoting the Famous Teacher Schoolroom,ProjectSchoolroom,EnterpriseSchoolroom and other specialschoolroom, citingEnterprise-style Management for Schoolroom andMarketization-styleTest for Homework. In just a few years, the innovative experimental class has achieved fruitful results. Among them, the creative team of teachers and students ofZi Hui China has published monographs such as Zi Hui Wuhan andZi Hui Shanghai, and won 5 million financing. The works of Zi Hui Wuhan are included in themajor innovations ofthe design industry in Wuhan in 2017.

The School has five research platforms: China Cultural and Creative Industry Research Center, Cross-Strait Creativity Center, Cross-Strait Innovation and Creative Industry Center, Ecological Landscape Design Research Center, Creative Industry and CommerceDesign Workshop, and a powerful and advanced laboratory. The laboratory covers an area ofmore than 2,600 square meters, with 1,168 sets of instruments and equipment, with total assets of about RMB 8.32 million. The laboratory’s conditions have reached the advanced level of similar universities in the country.