1. Young and middle-aged academic leader

Associate Professor Wang Haiwen (王海文). He was graduated from Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electrical Engineering in 2003 with a major in civil engineering. In the same year, he worked at the 17th Bureau of China Railway to go to the Tanggula Pass in Tibet to participate in the construction of the second phase of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. His main research directions are the construction and development of environmental design majors, the cultivation of talents and the research of curriculum systems,promotion of research and practical teaching. He has been awarded the Backbone Teacher, Young and Middle-aged Academic Leaders and Scholars of Industry and Commerce. He is currently the dean of the School of Art and Design, and has presided over or participated in a number of provincial-level scientific research projects, and edited and published a textbook.

2. Scholars of Industry and Commerce (backbone teachers)

Associate Professor Li Yu (李由). He has been awarded the Scholars of Industry and Commerce and Talents of Industry and Commerce in the school. He is a tutor of the Creative Brand Workshop. His main research direction is the field of brand image design and mediainteraction design. He has published more than ten academic papers and edited the textbookProduction of Television Advertising, and has presided over the construction of the provincial excellent courseBrand Image Design, the digital online teaching resource platform of the course won the second prize of the National Multimedia Courseware Contest. His personal design works won the first prize of the China Packaging Design Contest sponsored by the China Packaging Design Association, and his students won numerous awards in the professional contests such as the Hubei Colleges and Universities Art and Design Contest.

Associate Professor Peng Yafei (彭娅菲). She has been awarded the Backbone Teacher and Talent of Industry and Commerce. Her main research interests are font design, book design and packaging design. She has rich theoretical and practical experience in teaching, and she is good at combining design project with market practice. One of her works was selected into the 2nd Art Exhibition of China Colleges and Universities (teacher group) and won the National second prize.New Concept Font Design edited by her was selected into the Twelfth Five-Year Plan Textbook for Higher Professional Education of the Ministry of Education. She has participated in 1 youth project of NationalSocial Science Fund, and presided over 1 project of humanities and social science research project of Hubei Provincial Education Department.   

Associate Professor Niu Xue (牛学), the national first-level photographer,  member of the China Photographers Association,council member of the Photography Association  of Hubei Colleges and Universities, and the young talent in Hubei. His main research directions are art design and art photography. In recent years, he has presided over 2 projects, and published 3 monographs and 2 textbooks at the national level publishing house, and won more than 30 awards. In 2015, he was selected in the Talent Pool for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Culture. In 2016, the Basics of Photography Mooc was selected into the Union of the Eastern and Western Universities, running for five semesters, and the number of people attending the Mooc was nearly 150,000.