1. Visual Communication Design

Educational Objectives:Cultivate the high-quality and application-oriented talents who master the professional knowledge and skills of visual communication design, possess the ability to combine traditional graphic design technology with modern communication methods, and who are skilled in the comprehensive ability of graphic design and 3D design.

Core Curriculum: Decorative Patterns, Graphic Creativity, History of Chinese Arts and Crafts, Font and Layout Design, Brand Image Design, Print Advertising Design, Packaging Design, Commercial Photography, Digital Dynamic Design

Employment Orientation: Engage in art editing, corporate image design, web page production, commercial advertising design, project operation, etc. in the design department of enterprises and institutions, advertising design companies, packaging design companies, and news media organizations

2. Environmental Design

Educational Objectives: Cultivate the high-quality and application-oriented talents who master the basic knowledge and skills of environmental design, and have solid professional design ability, good artistic accomplishment, great practice and innovative ability.

Core Curriculum: Space Composition, Chinese and Foreign Architectural History, Hand-painted Performance, Man-Machine Engineering, Environmental Design Drawing, Photoshop Image Processing, Residential Space Design, Office Space Design, Landscape Design of Residential Area, Landscape Design of Urban Square

Employment Orientation:Engaged in interior design, landscape design, construction environment design, decoration project budget, construction supervision and environmental design teaching in interior decoration companies, landscape design companies, architectural design institutes, schools and construction units.


Commercial Painting

Educational Objectives:Cultivate application-oriented talents who have solid art modeling and applied art basis, great skills of hand-painting and creative modeling, and are competent in art and design work such as commercial illustrations, comics, and film concept design.

Core Curriculum:Sketch, Color, History of Chinese and Foreign Art, Digital Painting Art, Commercial Illustration Performance Techniques, Creation of Picture Book, Character Design of Digital Art, Scene Design of Digital Art, Landscape Sketching

Employment Orientation:Engage in relevant design work in institutions of art education, game network companies, film and television advertising companies, and news media.

Game art

Educational Objectives:Cultivate application-oriented talents who are capable of game-related work such as game character design, game scene design, game 3D model making, game UI design, and game special effects design.

Core Curriculum:Character Design of Digital Art, Scene Design of Digital Art, Art Design and Production of Next-generation Game, Art Design of Online Game, Simulation Training of Game Interface Design, etc.

Employment Orientation:Engage in related design and production in the entertainment industry and related industries such as internet companies, game companies, and the film and television animation companies.

4.Product Design

Educational Objectives:Cultivate application-oriented talents who master the basic theories, knowledge and skills of product design, and have innovation ability of product design, aesthetic ability, hands-on ability and organizational ability.

Core Curriculum:History of Industrial Design, Composition Basis, Performance Technique of Product Design Sketch, Auto CAD and Drawing Principle, Rhino Three-dimensional Modeling Rendering, Man-Machine Engineering, Product ModelMaking, Product Semantics, Product Design.

Employment Orientation:Engaged in product design and R&D work in the product design department, design and research department, university research and teaching department, industrial design company, product design company, product design and research institute, industrial design agency, corporate propaganda and display department of enterprises and public institutions..

5.Digital Media Art

Educational Objectives: Cultivate application-oriented talents who have innovative consciousness, great practical innovation ability and teamwork ability, and are familiar with graphic images and production software of digital media.

Core Curriculum:Digital Graphics Processing, Introduction to Digital Media Art, Icon Design, Digital Animation Design, Web Design and UI Interface, Interaction Design, Nonlinear Editing, Video Effects.

Employment Orientation:Engage in visual design, online media production, interactive design, animation production, digital video editing, etc. in internet service companies, visual design companies, news media organizations, media groups, electronic imaging publishers, and software development and production companies.

6.Dance Performances

Educational Objectives:Cultivate application-oriented talents who have first-class professional ability and can engage in the high-end dance, fitness chain enterprises.

Core Curriculum:Chinese Dance, Ballet Training, History of Chinese Dance, Rehearsal of Repertory, Dance Pedagogy, Action Analysis and Choreography

Major Features:This major has long-term and stable cooperation with well-known chain enterprises, major TV media and professional performance organizations at home and abroad. The practice platform is first-class, focusing on the cultivation of high-end and application-oriented technical talents.

Employment Orientation: Engage in teaching, training and management in large dance and fitness chain enterprises as well as primary and secondary education departments, dance education institutions, media performance agencies and other units.