School-enterprise Cooperation


School of Environmental & Biological Engineering is oriented to the requirements of the society, serving local economic and social development, relying on advantage of the major, and carry out school-enterprise cooperation with several well-known bio-environmental protection enterprises, such as Hubei Junji Water Treatment Co., Ltd., Wuhan Center Testing International Co., Ltd., Wuhan WuXi AppTec Co., Ltd., Hubei Xiangrong Testing Co., Ltd., etc., to jointly develop talent training programs, build provincial and school-level practical training bases, research and development laboratories, and promote the integration of production, education and research in Schools and Enterprises.

The School cooperated with Hubei Junji Water Treatment Co., Ltd. to build  research platforms such as Li Guibai Academician Workstation, Hubei Wastewater Recycling Engineering Technology Research Center, Collaborative Innovation Center of Industrial Wastewater and Junji Research Institute, and build academic forums such as Changjiang River Ecological Forum. The internship training base jointly established by schools and enterprises was approved as Hubei Provincial Internship Training Base, and the technology jointly developed by the research team of teachers and students and the company R&D team won the third prize of 2017 Hubei Science and Technology Progress.

Under the guidance of the enterprise mentor, the School teachers and students participated in the construction of more than 10 sewage treatment plants of Hubei Junji Water Treatment Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang Shengzhou, Tangxun Lake, Wuhan Yangluo and other places, and completed several major sewage treatment projects. The related key technologies were identified as reaching the international leading level by the team of experts such as Academician Peng Yongzhen, and the daily sewage treatment reached nearly 400,000 tons. Such technologies were widely used in the project of upgrading and reconstruction of the Cao’e River in Zhangzhou, Zhejiang and the water treatment of Tangxun Lake in Wuhan.

Introduction of School-enterprise Cooperation Enterprises

Hubei Junji Water Treatment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and application of the advanced treatment and reclamation of wastewater, providing overall solutions, project contracting and investment operation. The company has mastered a set of combined process technology system based on the advanced treatment technology of wastewater by using recycled powder activated carbon and dozens of technologies. It has developed complete sets of equipment and obtained dozens of patents. Many technologies have been identified as domestic and international leading.

Wuhan Centre Testing International Co., Ltd., the first listed company in testing industry of China, is the pioneer and leader of third-party testing and verification services in China, helping many industries and enterprises to provide one-stop comprehensive solutions. It currently has the department of environmental and health, department of food and pharmaceutical, automobile business department, and department of hazardous materials. It passed CMA qualification certification in May 2012, mainly carries out the environmental testing business in South China. It is a comprehensive third-party organization that integrates testing, calibration, inspection, certification and technical services.

Hubei Xiangrong Testing Co., Ltd. mainly carries out the testing services on water and wastewater, air and exhaust gas, soil and sediment, solid waste, noise and vibration, etc., and also carries out scientific research and training services for related projects such as environmental protection acceptance check of construction projects and the monitoring site layout and acceptance check of urban environmental air quality, malodor training, airport noise monitoring, soil survey, and 109 items of water quality.