The School of Applied Technology is mainly responsible for the teaching and management of the junior college students. There are more than 2,200 students in the School. The main majors include Accounting, E-commerce, Marketing, International Economy and Trade, Investment and Financial Management, Computer Application Technology, Electronic Information Engineering Technology.

As a junior school set up in provincial undergraduate universities, the School has abundant teaching staff and rich teaching resources, and shares the teaching resources of professional teachers, laboratories and libraries of the Undergraduate Colleges. The School has a group of double-certificate teachers with solid theoretical basis and rich practical experience, and hired a group of senior managers from industry and enterprises to serve as enterprise mentor. The full-time teachers of senior titles account for 22.6%, and the double-certificate teachers account for 34.5%.

The School pays attention to the cultivation of practical application ability for students, closes to the industry to run the School, and realizes deep cooperation with enterprises, integration of production and education, and cooperative education. The School carries out the 2+1 teaching reform, that is, students study in the first two academic years, and practice in the third academic year, which could strengthen the cultivation of professional ability and realize the seamless connection between internship and employment. The School pays attention to the development of students’ individuality, and implements classified training for students who are interested in participating in the examination of upgrading from junior college student to university student and gives full guidance and help. In the past three years, the average admission rate for fresh graduates who have applied for upgrading from junior college student to university student is over 70%, and the number of candidates has increased year by year.