School-enterprise Cooperation


As an application-oriented technology school, the School attaches great importance to the cultivation of skilled and application-oriented talents. By cooperating with enterprises to build laboratories, internship training bases, and teacher talent pools, we will jointly design talent training programs so that students can participate in internships and trainings of actual projects when they are in university, and enhance their practical and innovative abilities. Since its establishment, the School has signed internship agreements with more than 20 companies including Ping An Life Insurance (Group) Company of China, Hubei Bestore Food Co., Ltd., Guocai (Wuhan) Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Co., Ltd., among them, there are more than 10 enterprises in the province and 10 enterprises outside the province.

Among them, Ping An Life Insurance (Group) Company of China was established in 2002, with 42 branches (including 7 telephone sales centers) and more than 3,300 business outlets, and 1.325 million life insurance agents.

Hubei Bestore Food Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. The chain stores and online e-commerce have developed simultaneously, and there are more than 2,000 stores.