1. Accounting

Educational Objectives:Cultivate application-oriented talents who master the theoretical knowledge of accounting and other economic managementsystematically, and have the ability of manual accounting, software application of accounting information system, fund raising, financial feasibility evaluation, etc., and are competent in accounting, financial management, auditing, etc.

Core Curriculum:Accounting Principles, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Auditing, Management Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Accounting Computerization.

Major Features:national advocacy, gold-collar industry, large demand for talents, good prospects, and many opportunities.

Employment Orientation:Engage in financial, accounting, auditing and other management work in actual production and service departments such as enterprises, banks, securities companies and accounting firms, as well as government administrative agencies and public institutions.

2. E-commerce

Educational Objectives:Cultivate application-oriented talents who have basic theories of economic management and modern business, understand the basic processes of e-commerce activities, master the basic principles and application capabilities of computer networks and information technology, and can engage in e-commerce applications and management and network trade in enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

Core Curriculum:Economics, Management, Introduction to E-Commerce, Internet Marketing, Computer Network, E-Commerce System Software Application, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Construction and Management of E-Commerce Website, Customer Relationship Management.

Major Features:Based on the demand for talents of e-commerce development in the central region, the major forms a training model with both theory and practice.

Employment Orientation: Engage in online shop design, network development, online payment, network marketing, market analysis, network promotion, channel management and maintenance, online store management, e-commerce sales, network customer service and logistics management in various enterprises and public institutions.

3. Marketing

Educational Objectives:Cultivate application-oriented professionals who can adapt to the needs of new media development, and are familiar with the new media development and marketing trends of the modern era, and master comprehensive marketing knowledge of new media and the marketing operation skills of new media.

Core Curriculum:Marketing, Introduction to E-Commerce, International Marketing, Market Research and Forecasting, Internet Marketing, Advertising Planning, Business Negotiation, New Media Marketing, WeChat Marketing, Social Marketing, Visual Marketing, E-Commerce Operations and Internet Celebrity Economy and so on.

Major Features:Based on new media marketing theory and new media technology knowledge, students can master the ability to operate and manage new media companies through learning professional theoretical and practice in new media projects.

Employment Orientation:Engage in new media operations in the planning, marketing, service, information, and media industries of various types of enterprises.

4.International Economy and Trade

Educational Objectives:This major aims to develop application-oriented talents who have basic knowledge and skills related to e-commerce operation management and international trade, and master the theoretical knowledge and operation technology in the field of cross-border trade e-commerce, and adapt to the network marketing, fast customs clearance and convenience logistics of cross-border trade e-commerce operations.

Core Curriculum:International Trade Practice, International Cargo Transportation and Insurance, International Exhibition English, Decoration for Online Shop of Foreign Trade, Practice Operations of Cross-border E-commerce.

Major Features:This major promotes teaching in actual practice, and cultivates cross-border e-commerce awareness and innovation ability in professional learning and teaching practice, and provides strong support for regional industrial development.

Employment Orientation: Engaged in e-commerce salesmen of cross-border trade, inspection staff and customs declarer of foreign trade enterprises, e-commerce customer service specialists of cross-border trade, international freight forwarders, operator of cross-border electronic commerce in various trading companies, e-commerce companies, large multinational companies, etc.

5. Investment and Financial Management

Educational Objectives:Cultivate international and application-oriented high-level talents who master the basic theoretical knowledge necessary for brokerage marketing positions of investment & finance major, operation positions of securities investment, investment analysis and business agency positions, credit business assistants, etc., and have the abilities to analyze and solve business and technical problems in enterprises and public institutions, and adapt to the demands in the development of financial markets.

Core Curriculum: Cross-cultural Exchange Courses, Securities Investment and Trading, Theory and Practice of Futures Investment, Credit Business of Commercial Bank, Corporate Financing, Personal Wealth Management, Securities Investment Funds, Financial Product Marketing, etc.

Major Features:With the aim of cultivating application-oriented and international talents, taking employment at home and abroad as a guide, combining theory with practice, connecting courses with corporate positions, this major invites domestic and foreign schools, financial industry enterprises and social institutions to participate in the evaluation.

Employment Orientation: Engage in basic wealth management, securities business operations and investment management in wholly-owned or joint venture banks, industrial and commercial enterprises, securities, small and medium-sized guarantee companies, small loan companies, pawn shops, banks, futures and insurance.

6. Computer Application Technology

(1) New Media Technology

Educational Objectives:Cultivate international and application-oriented high-level talents who master the theory of new media technology, meet the media integration in the new media era, systematically master interaction design of new media, CRM, WeChat development design, small program and other system operations and software operations such as HTML5, DreamWeave, with application capabilities of new media technology.

Core Curriculum:Interactive Design, Web Design, Material Collecting, Photography Technology, Creative Shooting Operations, Video Recording and Production, Shooting by Mobile Phone Software, HTML5, APP, CSS3, DreamWeave, Micro Mall, Distribution System, CRM, ERP, etc.

Major Features:Introduce corporate projects into the teaching process, enhance the operation skills of practical project for students, and provide students with diverse employment services.

Employment Orientation:Engage in technical support, creative production, platform operation, etc. in new media and marketing service companies, or engage in marketing planning, promotion, platform maintenance, system maintenance, etc. in enterprises and public institutions.

(2) New Media UI Design

Educational Objectives:Cultivate international and application-oriented high-level talents who master knowledge and skills in visual image design and production, interactive design and implementation, and have great aesthetic ability, user experience design ability and ability of interface creative design, and meet to the software interface design positions.

Core Curriculum:Sketch and Visual Thinking, Design Basis, Front-end Design, AI Software Application, Mobile UI Design, Web UI Design, DreamWeave Web Design, H5, Creative Ability, Design Ability, Software Application Ability and others.

Major Features:With the development of the Internet +, the talent gap of new media UI designers exceeds 1 million. New media UI creative designers are generally over 10,000 in salary and have a large development space. The school and the enterprise jointly create innovative experimental classes to train students to become elites with high skills and high salary.

Employment Orientation:Engage in UI design in media companies, software development companies, e-commerce companies, game companies, magazines and publishing houses, mobile media companies, internet companies, online promotion companies, senior design companies, advertising companies, and cultural communication companies.

7. Electronic Information Engineering Technology

Educational Objectives:This major cultivates application-oriented talents who master basic theoretical knowledge in information processing, transmission, exchange, communication network foundation, optical fiber communication, computer application, etc. and can engage in the technical work of microelectronics, information technology, communication equipment and systems.

Core Curriculum:Signal and System, Analog Electronic Circuit, Communication Principle, Computer Communication Network, Microcomputer Principle and Interface Technology, Single Chip Technology and its Application.

Major Features:Pay equal attention to the introduction of innovative technology and basic skills training, and adopt the order-based training mode

Employment Orientation:Engage in design, assembly and testing of electronic products, manufacturing and procurement of components, sales and maintenance of products, quality management, customer service, etc. in the fields of electronic information industry, communication, audio and video, computer and household appliances.