Representatives from the Chatham University came to visit the WTBU


News Center (reporter: Wang Shiyu, Xiang Hui) At 9:30 on November 1, David Finegold, chancellor of the Chatham University, Li Song, president of EduChina International Group, and Bianca Zhou, vice president of EduChina International Group came to Wuhan Technology and Business University for inspection and exchange. In the No. 2 Conference Room of our university, Ba Nengjun, chairman of Wuhan Hongbo Group Co., Ltd., Chen Wei, secretary of party committee of Wuhan Technology and Business University, Ba Nengqiang, dean of Faculty of Rural Revitalization, Wang Xuedong, dean of Faculty of E-commerce, Yang Changzhu, executive dean of Faculty of Environmental and Biological Engineering, and Kong Shaomin, director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office warmly welcomed the guests. The meeting was presided over by director Kong Shaomin.

Picture of leaders attending this meeting. Photographed by He Luyue

Chairman Ba Nengjun, on behalf of the investors of the WTBU, warmly welcomed the arrival of chancellor David Finegold, and introduced the school-running features, teaching model and achievement of the WTBU in details. He said that at present, the WTBU was basing on the application-oriented, diversified, open and high-quality school-running concept, adhering to the connotative development, deepening the integration of industry and teaching and university-enterprise cooperation, and enhancing the quality of applied talent cultivation, level of research on the applied technology and ability of serving regional economic and social development. On one hand, it would closely integrate the major establishment, talent cultivation and scientific research with regional economic and social development, focusing on the environmental protection and sustainable development, and the consistent enhancement of researching and development ability of teachers and capacity of serving the society; on the other hand, it would carry out educational cooperation, especially international cooperation through multiple approaches and improve the quality of talent cultivation and school-running level of the university. I hope the two universities can long-term cooperate and explore the new cooperative model of more professional fields through the communication today. said Ba Nengjun.

The picture shows chairman Ba Nengjun speaking. Photographed by He Luyue

Chancellor David Finegold introduced the school-running situations and features of the Chatham University to guests attending the meeting. The teacher-student ratio of Chatham University is relatively high, so it adopts tutorial teaching system, and the communication between students and teachers is very close. The university now has the Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Science and Business, and Faculty of Sustainable Development, with good location, high school-running quality and low living cost. He especially introduced that, the campus of Chatham University was an energy-saving and environment-friendly campus constructed on the basis of the sustainable development concept, realizing zero carbon emission and cyclic utilization of each resources, which was a demonstrative sustainable campus in the US. This construction achievement was in compliance with the goal and concept of researches on relevant fields carried out by the Faculty of Environmental and Biological Engineering of the WTBU cooperating with enterprises.

The picture shows David Finegold introducing the Chatham University. Photographed by Fang Han

Later, director Kong Shaominintroduced the achievements in sustainable development fields such as water treatment technology, fish-vegetable symbiosis aquaculture and rural revitalization achieved by the WTBU and expressed great expectations for in-depth cooperation between teachers and students of the two universities in the aspects such as teaching and scientific research.

Picture of director Kong Shaomin. Photographed by Fang Han

Dean Ba Nengqiang introduced the basic situation of the Faculty of Rural Revitalization.

The picture shows dean Ba Nengqiang introducing the Faculty of Rural Revitalization. Photographed by He Luyue

Chen Zhenxiang, vice dean of Faculty of Management, and Fida Hussain, doctor from Faculty of Environmental and Biological Engineering introduced situations such as the faculty establishment, features of talent cultivation and school-running achievements of their respective faculties respectively.

The picture shows Chen Zhenxiang, vice dean of Faculty of Management, introducing the situation of the faculty. Photographed by Fang Han

The picture shows Fida Hussain, doctor from Faculty of Environmental and Biological Engineering, introducing the situation of faculty.

Photographed by He Luyue

Lastly, chancellor David Finegold and secretary Chen Wei signed a memorandum of cooperation between the two university, reached consensus on the talent cultivation in the field of sustainable development, and agreed to establish a long-term cooperative partnership.

The picture shows chancellor David Finegold and secretary Chen Wei signing the memorandum of cooperation between the two universities.

Photographed by Fang Han.

The picture shows secretary Chen Wei making summary speech. Photographed by He Luyue

Picture of conferees. Photographed by He Luyue

It is reported that the Chatham University is one of the oldest universities in the US, which provides excellent learning environment, more than 35 courses and double-degree program, enabling students to get bachelor and master degree within five years. Its high-level teaching quality and low studying cost have attracted international students from 27 countries.