Mayor Zhou Xianwang investigated the university-enterprise sewage treatment demonstration project of the WTBU


News Center (reporter: Li Yangyang, Chen Jie) Whats your core technology for sewage treatment?Can the transition of surface water from class III to class II be realized currently?Whats the cost? At 9:30 on November 11, Zhou Xianwang, mayor of Wuhan City, visited Wuhan Tangxun Lake sewage treatment plant to investigate the 15,000 tons/day tail water in-depth treatment to lake reservoir surface water class III standard demonstration project of Hubei Junji Water Treatment Co., Ltd., enterprise of Wuhan Technology and Business University university-enterprise cooperation, and very concerned about whether the core technology and water environment quality of the project can be further optimized.

The picture shows chairman Ba Nengjun (left) introducing to mayor Zhou Xianwang (right) the situation of the project.

In the morning, the responsible persons of Research Office, Supervision Office of the municipal government, Municipal Water Supplies Bureau, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Municipal City Investment Company, and Bi Shui Group participated in the investigation as well, accompanied by Ba Nengjun, chairman of Hubei Junji Water Treatment Co., Ltd., Dong Jun, project manager, and professor Liu Yong, managing vice dean of Faculty of Environmental and Biological Engineering of the WTBU, introducing the technical process and operation process of the engineering project to mayor Zhou Xianwang in details.

What technology do you mainly use? And whats the current cost? asked by mayor Zhou Xianwang at the scene of the investigation, pointing to the bottles of lake water in front of him which became clear and transparent through sewage treatment technology .

The pictures show mayor Zhou Xianwang seeing situations of the engineering project.

Chairman Ba Nengjun introduced that at present, the project adopted the technology of powdered activated carbon membrane bioreactor and macroporous de-nitrogenated resin in-depth treatment, of which the core technology was jointly researched and developed by the Faculty of Environmental and Biological Engineering of the WTBU and the Hubei Junji Water Treatment Co., Ltd. Integrating the double adsorption of biological membrane and activated carbon, it could effectively remove the organic pollutants and suspended solids in water, and have good filtration function, greatly decreasing microorganism in water and increasing the transparency of water, so that the water can not only be recycled, but also be taken as reserved resources of drinking water after certain treatment. This project had realized treating class 1A water directly to class III surface water (lake reservoir). Even in the extremely low temperature in winter, it could ensure the output water reaching class III surface water (lake reservoir) standard stably, overcoming the difficulty of unstable water output index of sewage treatment technology in the low temperature in winter. At present, the project scale is 15,000 tons/day, the direct cost is only RMB 0.87 per cube meter, and the cost will be further reduced with the increase of scale.

The picture shows mayor Zhou Xianwang (right) talking with chairman Ba Nengjun (left).

It was reported that the original standard of tail water discharge of Tangxun Lake Sewage Treatment Plant was class 1A (belonging to five inferior types of water), which cannot meet the requirements of Wuhan water environment improving project. In June 2017, according to the opinions of Wuhan Environmental Protection Bureau, if the tail water of Tangxun Lake Sewage Treatment Plant could strictly meet the standard of class III surface water, the tail water could be discharged into Tangxun Lake. After the expert argumentation on tail water in-depth treatment scheme organized by Municipal Water Supplies Bureau in July, Hubei Junji Water Treatment Co., Ltd. took the responsibility to expand the test scale inside the Tangxun Lake Plant in September 2017, to carry out production test for 15,000 tons/day tail water in-depth treatment. The project was completed in March 2018. On April 16, Wuhan Water Supplies Bureau organized experts to go to the project site for survey and carry out Achievement Appraising Meeting for 15,000 tons/day demonstration project of Tangxun Lake Sewage Treatment Plant In-depth Treatment to Class III Surface Water (lake reservoir). Relevant technology was authenticated by academicians and experts such as Peng Yongzhen as world leading level.

The series of technologies applied by Hubei Junji Water Treatment Co., Ltd. In the Tangxun Lake 15,000-ton project not only treated the tail water of sewage plant with high standard, but also solved the problem of ecological water supply, which had great demonstration and promotion value for the rapid improvement of the ecological environment quality of Tangxun Lake and Nanhu Lake. Mayor Zhou Xianwangs investigation full reflected the municipal leaders concern and support for the development of local enterprises and attention to Tangxun Lake sewage treatment.

According to professor Liu Yong, managing vice dean of Faculty of Environmental and Biological Engineering of the WTBU, the faculty had paid attention to the cultivation of comprehensive quality, basic knowledge and practical ability of students taking the social requirements as the orientation. The faculty had held the Long River Ecological Forum inviting experts including Chinese engineering academician Li Guibai and Peng Yongzhen to hold high-end lectures, so as to stimulate the passion of innovation and entrepreneurship of teachers and students and to encourage them to actively participate in the pollution prevention; 16 teachers of the faculty including Liu Lujian and Dong Jun had been leading students to participate in more than 10 construction projects of sewage treatment plants of university-enterprise cooperation enterprise Hubei Junji Water Treatment Co., Ltd. in Shengzhou, Tangxun Lake and Yangluo, enabling students to improve scientific research innovation ability. There were a large number of outstanding students practicing and working in this company.