The WTBU held the Manchester Metropolitan University Activity Day


News Center (reporter: Mao Qige, Duan Kaixin; trainee reporter: Wang Weiyi, Huang Mengxian) In order to further enhance the cooperation and exchange with famous foreign universities and create a good international atmosphere, Wuhan Technology and Business University carried out the “Manchester Metropolitan University Activity Day” on the morning of October 29.

Pictures of participants. Photographed by Xu Mingsui

At 10:00 am, in the International Conference Hall of our university, Andy Gibson, pro-vice-chancellor of Manchester Metropolitan University, Professor Keith Miller, faculty head of International Faculty of Science and Engineering, Dr. Hong Li, international lead, and Chen Wei, secretary of the party committee of the WTBU, Yang Changzhu, executive dean of Faculty of Environmental and Biological Engineering, Hu Chengsong, executive vice dean of Faculty of Information Engineering held a meeting of cooperation and exchange for the purpose of cooperation in running schools. The meeting was presided over by Kong Shaomin, director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department.

Secretary Chen Wei first made a speech of welcome. On behalf of the university, he expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the delegation from Manchester Metropolitan University, and introduced the WTBUs schooling concepts, advantages and achievements , as well as current situations of foreign cooperation and exchange. In the aspect of internationalization schooling, our university has carried out cooperation and exchange with 26 universities from 11 countries (regions) such as UK, US and Canada, and carried out interscholastic cooperation through multiple cooperation models and channels such as undergraduate 2+2 and 3+1 double degree project, 4+1 or 4+2 master degree, semester exchange, overseas internship or work and travel. He hoped to establish long-term and in-depth cooperative friendly partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University through this meeting to carry out more cooperative projects regarding relevant major and domain.

The picture shows secretary Chen Wei speaking. Photographed by Xu Mingsui

Director Kong Shaomin introduced the schooling history and conditions, features of talent cultivation, disciplinary and majors and cooperative educational projects of the WTBU.

The picture shows director Kong Shaomin speaking. Photographed by Xu Mingsui

Next, Andy Gibson, pro-vice-chancellor of Manchester Metropolitan University said that the university had always kept good cooperative relationship with the WTBU, and he strongly agreed with the education and teaching concepts of the WTBU and admired the educational and teaching achievements the WTBU had achieved, also, there were many similarities between the two universities in disciplines, majors, courses and future planning, and new directions of cooperation could be found in the future. Andy Gibson admitted that he had initially determined the focus of cooperation before coming to our university, namely, scientific research design and course application. He hoped that the cooperative projects.of both universities could be consistent with the strategy of Made in China 2025 and promote the common development of both universities through cooperation.

The picture shows Andy Gibson, pro-vice-chancellor speaking. Photographed by Xu Mingsui

Then, professor Hong Li introduced the basic information of Manchester Metropolitan University. Executive vice dean Hu Chengsong and vice dean Yang Li introduced relevant situations of their respective faculties in details respectively. Both parties had in-depth communication and discussion on the cooperation modes of projects such as 3.5+0.5+1 master preparatory course project and 2+2 and 3+1+1 projects.

In the meeting, when knowing that the WTBU had carried out long-term university-enterprise cooperation with Hubei Junji Water Treatment Co., Ltd., jointly researching and developing waste-water treatment technology and having obtained more than 50 patents, Andy Gibson said excitedly that Our university is applying nanotechnology and 3D technology to water treatment. Scholars form your university are welcomed to visit Manchester Metropolitan University and to carry out scientific cooperation jointly.

Through the in-depth communication and discussion between the two parties, the two university had reached cooperation intention on two cooperative projects: the first is 2+2 double bachelor degree program of the Faculty of Environmental and Biological Engineering and the Faculty of Information Engineering, that students could study in Wuhan Technology and Business University for the first two years and then in Manchester Metropolitan University for the last 2 years and obtain bachelor degrees awarded by the two universities respectively after passing the examination. The second one is 3.5+0.5+1 program of the Faculty of Software Engineering, that students could study in Wuhan Technology and Business University for 3.5 years, then go to the Manchester Metropolitan University in the second semester of year four for a semester of learning professional courses and English courses, and directly upgrade to master degree after passing the IELTS and university examination.

In addition to the meeting of exchange, this activity day also held two lectures on studying at the Manchester Metropolitan University. Professor Keith Miller, in the No. 4 Conference Room of the WTBU in the morning and afternoon respectively, introduced the research conditions of this university on scientific and technological fields such as water pollution, hydrogen energy and fuel and artificial intelligence to the students from the Faculty of Environmental and Biological Engineering and the Faculty of Information Engineering. Andy Gibson gave the students a talk on Manchester Metropolitan University and British Industry 4.0.

The picture shows the lecture scene. Photographed by Hu Min

The picture shows Professor Keith Miller giving a lecture. Photographed by Wang Xing

The picture shows Andy Gibson giving a lecture. Photographed by Hu Min

In addition, the two universities also created a platform for exchanges and interactions for teachers and students of the two universities through conference discussions, faculty docking and presentations, so that more students can learn about international cooperative education and have more opportunities to get high-quality and more comprehensive education.

Picture of secretary Chen Wei (middle), pro-vice-chancellor Andy Gibson (second from the right) and professor Keith Miller (second

from the left). photographed by Hu Min

It is reported that the Manchester Metropolitan University is a comprehensive public university in the UK founded in 1970. This university was located in Manchester in the northwest England, which is the oldest industrial city in the world. Manchester Metropolitan University is the second largest university in the UK with the biggest campus in Europe and 45,000 students.