Entrance Requirements



In order to meet the needs of friends all over the world, College of International Education of The WTBU carries out courses on Chinese language and culture which officers elementary and intermediate classes to strengthen students’ Chinese speaking and listening skills and communicative competence.

Tuition Fee: RMB 10000/academic year

Lodging Fee: RMB 3000/academic year (double room)

Textbook Fee: collect according to actual expense

Insurance Expenses: collect according to actual expense

Course Arrangement: Monday to Friday 8:30-11:30, HSK standard course

(listening, speaking, reading and writing)

Monday to Tuesday 14:00-15:30, extracurricular activities(including movie appreciation, wushu, calligraphy, and Chinese paper cuttings, subject to the course schedule)

Beddings: students purchase on their own

Dining: there are large and small dining hall and canteens in the campus with a expense around RMB 40 for each person every day

Please send those documents to appy ALL REQUIRED):

1.Scan copy of passport(护照复印件)

2.Scan copy of visa X1 or X2 ( already in China)(签证复印件)

3.Personal statement(个人信息说明)

4.Scan copy of higest degree(最高学位说明复印件)

5.Bank statement ( at least RMB 20000)(银行存款不少于20000人民币说明)

6.Non-criminal record(无犯罪记录)

7.If stransfer from another school, the transfer letter and recomendation letter from the previous school are needed.(学校推荐信)

8.Health check.(体检单)

9.Wuhan Technology and Business University applying form(武汉工商学院接受证明)