Application Procedure



        1. Submit to related department of the Education Department with application for qualification of receiving foreign students, while apply for accounts of “China Credentials Verification” and “Hubei Foreign Students Approval and Management System” website. Obtain the Approval Form for International Students Studying in China form the Education Department (JW202 Form).

        2. Collect information and materials of foreign students: passport, highest degree, transcript, Admission Application Form, personal photograph, Birth Certificate, and etc. (all of which need electronic edition or scanning copy for the convenience of uploading to approval system)

        3. Log in foreign student approval management system, click “202 Form Management”, then type in each information of the student and upload student’s materials according to requirements, lastly, submit for approval after confirmation.

        4. After passing the on-line approval, print out 202 Form according to the 202 Form number corresponding to the approval number (make sure to adjust the format before printing), and then sign on it and affix university seal (except for the first copy, each copy shall be affixed with the seal, the signature shall be signed on the second copy, that is, the green copy)

        5. Issue Admission Letter (preferably in duplicate) to students intended to be admitted, affix seal on and photocopy the letter.

        6. Make an Approval List for Information of Foreign Students Pending Approval with EXCEL and print out a hard copy, and make an Approval Application with red-letter-headed paper headed with the name of the university. Both of which will be submitted to Foreign Student Administration Office together with the 202 Form, and are required for each approval, and are required to be affixed with university seal as well.

        7. Print out the passport and transcript of each student and use a pin to file them with their 202 Form and Admission Letter (copy) respectively.

        8. Submit the 202 Form and relevant materials of students to Shen Guangshu of the Education Department for approval, if passed, the Education Department will sign and affix seal on the last three copies, and then the Education Department will retain the second copy, that is the green copy.

        9. Then submit all the remaining materials to Lu Junjun at 2/F, Foreign Student Administration Office, who will recheck each information, if there is no mistake, she will receive all materials and give a receipt for collecting documents, then collect documents generally after 7 working days.

        10. After sending materials, please remember to send a copy of electronic Approval List referred to in paragraph 6 to Lu Junjun.

        11. Collect documents by virtue of the receipt, the Foreign Student Administration Office will retain the fourth copy, that is the blue copy, of the 202 Form, and the university will take back the first copy (white copy) and the third copy (yellow copy)

        12. Mail the approved 202 Form affixed with the Foreign Student Administration Office’s seal together with the original Admission Letter to the student for handling Chinese Visa. And both of which are the certificates for registration. The yellow copy and the copy of Admission Letter will be preserved by the university.

        13. The student coming to the university for registration will be requested to provide the white copy of the 202 Form and the Admission Letter. The university will receive the white copy and give the yellow copy to the student (the yellow copy is used together with the Admission letter to handle long stay visa after the student entering China)