Graduation Ceremony for International Students from Daejin University


       It was 2:30 pm on 4 January, 2019, Wuhan Technology of Business university held 2018~2019 autumn graduation ceremony for the 6 exchange students of Korea’s Daejin University in the international conference room. The ceremony was hosted by Mrs. Zhang Qing, First teacher of TCSL from School of International Education. Mr. Hu Hang, Secretary from School of Economics and Business Foreign Languages, and representatives of partial school associations attended the ceremony.

All students successfully finished courses which covered Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing, as well as Chinese traditional cultural activities such as calligraphy, paper-cutting, and martial arts.


At the beginning of the ceremony Mrs. Zhang Qing extended warm congratulations to the Korean exchange students for completing the study. “Graduation is not the end. It is the beginning of a new journey in your life. I hope that you can continue to learn and spread Chinese culture after returning to your country. Furthermore,Wuhan Technology and Business University have deep friendship with Daejin University, and there will be more new exchange students coming to WuhanTechnology and Business University in the future.Our cooperation and friendship will last forever. she said. Besides, the representatives of  school associations (English Club, Esperanto Association and Yimo Calligraphy and Painting Association) also made speeches.

Secretary Hu conferred certificates for the Korean exchange students and delivered a sincere speech as well. Mr.Hu said "I hope all of you could be the culture ambassadors between Korea and China !"


  Correspondent: Huang Xiang

           PhotographerLi Huaicheng

       Tranlator: Jessie