Chinese Language Studies Program, Spring 2019



Introduction  The Chinese Language Studies Program (Duration February 24, 2019 - July 2, 2019 ) is organized and administered by the School of International Education, WTBU. Upon completion of the program, students who meet the assessment criteria will be issued with a certificate and transcript from WTBU.


According to the documentary of the Hanban Confucius Institute HeadquartersGeneral Course Outline of International Chinese Teaching and the actual Chinese level of the students in our university, the academy divided the whole International students into two different levels --- primary class and advanced class.


 In 2018, International department had opened six courses for foreign students, HSK Standard Course, Developing Chinese (Primary, Intermediate), Chinese Audiovisual (Primary, Intermediate), Great Wall Chinese (Elementary, Intermediate), Chinese Kung Fu course, and we also cooperated with the associations (English Club, Esperanto Association and Yimo Calligraphy and Painting Association) to opened some Chinese traditional cultural activities (soft, hard pen calligraphy, paper-cut, Chinese knot production, etc.).


In order to further improve the international student education curriculum system in 2019, based on the previous international student curriculum system, School of International Education has added one more course for short-term international students --- Spoken Chinese.


At present, our school has established seven courses for foreign students to study: HSK Standard Course, Development of Chinese Comprehensive Course, Spoken Chinese, Development of Chinese listening Course, Great Wall Chinese, Chinese culture, Traditional Cultural Activities.


School of International Education