A meeting between foreign students and Chinese students at WTBU


    On October 10,2019, the International Education Institute of Wuhan Technology and Business University held a meeting of Chinese and foreign students in the 121-room foreign language building. Korean and Malaysian students will introduce themselves to the Chinese students and interact with the game.

   In 2019, Wuhan Technology and Business University met with Chinese students in the autumn, which was held in Room 121, Foreign Language Building at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday. Nine Malaysian students, 11 Korean students and 40 Chinese students gathered together to welcome each other.

   With the help of Miss Jenny, Chinese and foreign students introduce themselves in the order of seats, from their hometown to current planning and future ideals. There are even students singing, making a word horse and other programs to show themselves. In order to increase the atmosphere, the students also play "several times of seven" together, the missed need to perform the program, mostly singing, the scene atmosphere once the most wonderful part.