Institute of International Education Small Language Mission


    Since September 24, the School of International Education of Wuhan Technology and Business University has held 26 lecture sessions on small language projects, covering nearly 3600 students majoring in the school. The purpose of this paper is to strengthen the international development of the school, to do a good job of studying abroad, and to cultivate students' professional knowledge and ability. An Feng, Zhang Mengci, Wu Wei, Huang Xin and other teachers actively participated in the propaganda work. 

   As the International Institute of Education is a foreign college, it has not appeared in the domestic freshman enrollment manual. When Ms. Zhang Mengci led eight South Korean and Malaysian students to meet 19-grade Chinese fresh meat, they became the focus as soon as they appeared. When teacher Zhang switched fluently from English to French and then from Japanese to Korean, students applauded and thundered. 

   It is understood that the International Institute of Education has IELTS Center, Korean Center, Japanese Center, French Center, Chinese as a Foreign language Center, etc.the purpose of which is to cultivate students' professional knowledge and ability, while focusing on the cultivation and improvement of students' foreign language communication ability, so as to help them adapt to the learning and living environment at home and abroad.

    Obviously, the freshmen listened more quietly than the lively scenes they had preached before. Especially when foreign students introduce themselves to Chinese students, the scene was once the most wonderful part. Although the ultimate goal is to recruit students for language programs, we choose to make friends with them during this week-long lecture.

    Ms.Ann said,Because there are so many similar lectures, freshmen have been physically and menally exhausted in repeated bombardment

    Ms.Zhang said,Instead of letting freshmen annihilate the Ibe language program in the public, it is better to return freshmen to their initial curiosity and keep them firmly in mind.