Silk Road Classroom——Kite


On 17th of this month, the Silk Road classroom hosted by the world language association was held in room 120 of the foreign language building. Chinese students told the history of kites and completed the production of kites with the overseas students in the classroom.

In the class, the world language association started with the historical stories and idioms of kites. From Gong shuban made kites out of bamboo, to the story of the embattled emperor which Han Xin tied a man to a kite, to the idioms of walking in the clouds, putting in and putting out freely. In the process of story telling, the students are concentrated and there is no noise.

The production of kites is completed by Chinese and foreign students in cooperation. With the integration and perfect cooperation of paper, pen, line, belt and stick, all kinds of kites have been produced one after another. After class, the students went to the playground excitedly, can’t wait to try.

It is learnt that in order to enhance the understanding of Chinese culture among foreign students and promote communication between foreign students and Chinese students, the International Institute of education started the silk road class every Thursday afternoon at five or six p.m., mainly hosting by the student associations.