"Entrepreneurship brings the Power of Dream": a Lecture on Entrepreneurship


At 14:30 PM on November 7, the School of Foreign Languages of Economics and Business and the School of International Education invited Mr. Pei Xiangyuan from South Korea to give a lecture on entrepreneurship in the first conference room on the 12th floor of the multiple-use building. The lecture was hosted by An Feng, assistant to the dean of the School of International Education. Students from Korea and Malaysia and students majoring in finance and international trade attended the lecture.

Mr. Pei Xiangyuan graduated from the Chinese Department of Korea Foreign Studies University. He held the position of project leader and general manager in Korea Rakuten Group, Korea CJ Group, Wuhan Creative Communication Exhibition and other well-known companies. He joined the catering industry in 2016 and began to start his own business and founded Wuhan Hanweitang Catering Service Co., Ltd. Rich in resources and experience in catering, education and entrepreneurship.

In this lecture, Mr. Pei Xiangyuan, in combination with his experience, made a brief introduction to the importance of the college entrepreneurship in the new era, and mainly focused on the current entrepreneurial environment, the cultivation of entrepreneurial thinking and the necessary conditions of practice.

For the current business environment, Mr. Pei-yuan is of the view that in the new era of high-tech development, the challenges and opportunities coexist. He has a profound research on the current situation of the surrounding countries and the future business environment, and uses a lot of detailed data to support his views. In his view, compared with other countries, the current China has a greater development potential, and he is very optimistic about Chinese entrepreneurial environment. On the one hand, the Chinese government is the best place to experience space and opportunity for the public to start the business and the innovation of the masses, and on the other hand, Chinese economy has been in a high-speed mode of development, while the process of urbanization is accelerating, but there is still a great development space, so in China, the opportunity for entrepreneurship is more, and the chances of success are greater.

Mr. Pei Xiangyuan also encourages students to dare to start a business, dare to do other people cannot, Young is the capital, nothing can be lost. As a foreigner, I can start a business in China, and you should not be afraid or anxious, so long as it is widely involved in different areas, breaking the routine, developing the thinking activity of the brain, and digging up its creativity, it is not so difficult to start a business.

On the question of how to practice, he talked about some of his own experience in recent years, warning students to hone their skills and form sensitivity to the market before they can be systematic and forward-looking in starting a business. No career can guarantee a lifetime, but it is an indispensable life experience. All the work I did before I started a business was a valuable asset in my life and provided a lot of help for me to start a business.  At the same time, he stressed that more and more bilingual or multilingual talents are required in modern society, so it is very important to master a foreign language, which is a necessary condition for survival.

In the end, Mr. Pei Xiangyuan listened attentively to the problems of students  and made a careful response. But the so-called person is not as good as a person to pay for fishing, Mr. Pei Xiangyuan also warned students, experience can be imitated, but not repeated, only have the accurate knowledge and location, find the way of oneself, then have the chance to start the business successfully.

Through this lecture, the students have a more clear understanding of the employment situation, and promoted the enthusiasm of the start-up, and expressed their desire to better plan their studies and work, to be brave in the development of practice, to fight hard and to achieve the goal of life.

                                     TextMenglin Tong   Picture: Feng An