South Korea's Daejin University came to our school


On December 1, 2019, Daejin University of Korea came to our school to inspect the study and living conditions and campus environment of Korean students in our school, and to understand the history, some composition and glorious deeds of our school.

 At 09:30 on December 1, Professor An Feng and Mr. Tong Menglin of the Institute of International Education, in collaboration with the leaders of Daejin University in Korea, first visited the school history museum and library. The leaders of Daejin University fully affirmed the campus history and campus culture of our school. At about 10: 30, the exchange meeting officially began, and Kong Shaomin, director of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, delivered a welcoming speech. Professor Jiang Jiayuan of Daejin University in Korea introduced the general situation of Daejin University in Korea and the study and life of exchange students in Daejin University. Professor An Feng, assistant dean of the Institute of International Education, introduced the situation of our school, the interaction between the two schools and the living conditions of foreign students. Then there was a forum for foreign students, and the leaders of Daejin University in Korea had a cordial conversation with the foreign students in our school, asking about the difficulties and cultural habits in life and study.  

     After lunch, the leaders of the University of Dazhen in Korea have visited the places and the environment of the students' apartment, the student's canteen and the students' classroom in our school together with the staff of our school. And the teachers' strength and hardware equipment in our school have expressed great interest in the full affirmation and the application of the intelligent class in our school.