Sino-foreign Students’ Event Night


     In order to show the colourful campus life of our school, let the foreign students learn more about the essence of traditional Chinese culture, and also make local students interact with our foreign students to learn and communicate with each other, Sino-foreign Students’ Event Night was held at Wuhan Technology and Business University (WTBU)’s Gymnasium Hall 403 Student Activity Centre on December 9 by the organizer, the School of International Education (SIE), and three co-organizers who were Esperanto Association, English Club, and YiMo Calligraphy and Painting society.

     The Event started at 19 o’clock. There was a total of 14 programs prepared by SIE, School’s Performing and Art Organization, School’s Radio Station, the Elite Dragon and Lion Dance Club, Korean students, Malaysian students and the other seven associations.

     The opening performance of the event was led by WeiGuang Dance Club. The next performance that was prepared by the Elite Dragon and Lion Dance Club was breath-taking. Then, the teacher of SIE also prepared a dance called “What a Coincidence”. The music, “Battle Typhoon”, played by Performing and Art Organization with Guzheng was gentle and intriguing. The dance by foreign students made us feel the different culture from Korea and Malaysia. At the end of the event, teachers and students took a group of photos to record these unforgettable memories.

     This event has established platform for both Chinese and foreign students to communicate with each other about their unique culture and language. It has also stimulated the enthusiasm of foreign students to learn and understand Chinese culture. The successful of this event is inseparable from the support and encouragement of teachers and the hard work of the organizer association members. This event successfully strengthens the friendship between Chinese and foreign students.