The school cheerleading team won the first prize of CUBA Chinese college basketball cheerleading Northwest Division


On the afternoon of April 11, the 23rd CUBA China University Basketball League Cheerleading Championship (Northwest Division) was held in Taiyuan, Shanxi. Sixteen members of the Reborn Dance Cheerleading Team from Wuhan Technology and Business University were led by the captain Zhao Yating and won the first place through outstanding performance in the game. They also won the Best Popularity Award at the same time, and successfully won the entrance to the national final competition.

According to Zhu Yuguang, head of the dance performance department and team leader, said the admission ticket is not easy. "In the current list of three regions to be promoted, our WTBU team, Shandong Normal University and Wuhan Institute of Physical Education are the top three in the country."

"The achievement of the game results is due to our hard work. In the upcoming national finals, we will continue to work hard and achieve greater glory. Cheerleader Duan Chuanhui said excitedly after the game."