Professor Niu Xue won the third prize in the first Hubei Province College Teachers Teaching Innovation Competition


On April 16, the first Hubei Provincial College Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition was co-sponsored by the Hubei Provincial Higher Education Society and Wuhan University. Professor Niu Xue from the School of Art and Design of Wuhan Technology and Business University, won the third prize as the only private college teacher who was shortlisted for the final of the high-level group.

After personal application, college recommendation, school selection, and expert network review stages, Professor Niu Xue successfully entered the first Hubei Province College Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition (the high-level group) on-site review. In the 15-minute Photography Fundamentals course report and ten minutes expert questioning and communication process, Professor Niu Xue left a deep impression on the review experts.

The Human Resources Department and Teacher Development Center of WTBU attach great importance to this competition and actively organize outstanding teachers to participate. Starting from January this year, it has arranged a number of online and offline training sessions to conduct one-on-one pre-match guidance and competition simulations for participating teachers. During the competition, all teachers in the school were also arranged to conduct live observation and learning to further promote the construction of the school's high-quality and innovative teacher team.