WTBU English club set up a volunteer service team


On the afternoon of April 18th, in the office of the Party Member Service Center of Huangjiahu Community, a group of college student volunteers were tutoring English for elementary and middle school students. This is the volunteer service team formed by the English Club of Wuhan Technology and Business University.

"My teacher teaches me a lot of new English knowledge, and I feel that I have improved again!" Guo Yuyang, a third-grade student, said excitedly.

The parents of seventh-grade student Zhang Aoyang told reporters happily, "This one-on-one teaching and guidance is more conducive to children's understanding and mastery of knowledge points, which plays a great role in improving children's English proficiency and learning performance. Thank you very much to these little teachers from WTBU."

After the tutoring, Mr. Wang Zhihua introduced the original intention of carrying out this activity, "This activity was organized by the school's Party and Mass Work Department. This is the first time for me to lead the students of the school's English club to organize volunteers. The way of serving the team into the community is a very useful attempt by our party members to serve the community. It is not only conducive to the English club serving the community in a new form and appearance, but also conducive to our students' ability to learn and use."

It is understood that the volunteer service team will continue to carry out related activities.