National Fire Day


Fire fighting knowledge

"Four capabilities" for fire safety

Check the ability to eliminate fire hazards

The ability to fight an early fire

The ability to organize an evacuation

Capacity for publicity, education and training

Capacity for publicity, education and training

Control fuel

To insulate the accelerant

Eliminate the ignition source

Basic methods of fire fighting

Smothering method

Asphyxiation fire extinguishing method is based on combustible combustion needs enough air (oxygen) this condition, take appropriate measures to prevent air flowing into the combustion area, or use non-combustible, inert gas to dilute the oxygen content in the air, so that the combustion lack of oxygen combustion and extinguished. This fire extinguishing method is suitable for fighting the fire in closed rooms and production devices and equipment containers.

Cooling fire extinguishing method

Cooling fire extinguishing method is based on the burning fuel must reach a certain temperature of this condition, water or fire extinguishing agent directly sprayed on the burning fuel, so that the temperature of the burning fuel down to below the burning point, thus terminating the combustion. This method can also be used to cool unburned objects, such as building components, equipment, etc. , to prevent them from burning or exploding under the influence of heat radiation.

Isolation method

Isolation fire extinguishing method is based on the combustion must have fuel this condition, and fuel adjacent to the fire will be isolated to prevent the further spread of combustion.

Suppression of Fire

Suppression of fire is to spray fire extinguishing agent on the combustion, so that it participate in the combustion reaction, so that the free radicals produced in the combustion disappear, the formation of stable molecules or low-active free radicals, so as to stop the combustion.

Fire safety tips

Home Fire Protection

1. Household electrical appliances are easy to cause fire due to improper use and maintenance. 

2. In addition to the kitchen to prevent oil pan fire, use the stove to do ignition from people, do not use gas to turn off the gas source. 

3. Do not take the liberty of gas pipelines, stoves, such as transformation, gas tank after the safe use period to replace in time. 

4. The kitchen does not store inflammable and explosive materials, cooking exhaust hood oil to clean up in a timely manner. 

5. Do not allow children to cook food in the kitchen alone. 

6. Do not smoke in bed or on the sofa to avoid Cigarette Butts Ignited Sofa and bedding cause fire. 

7. Do Not put the candle on the wooden table, it is easy to cause a fire when the candle is burnt out or knocked over. 

8. Do Not put the mosquito-repellent incense on the bed side, may fall on the mosquito-repellent incense caused by bedding fire.

9. Do not use lighters or candles for lighting in the utility room. They may cause a fire if you are not careful.

10. Children playing with fire or setting off fireworks can easily cause a fire.

Community Fire Prevention

1. Keep the fire passage clear, once the fire occurs, the fire engine can enter the fire scene in time. 

2. Keep the corridor of safe passage unobstructed, do not pile up sundry, prevent fire easy to escape. 

3. Community Battery car charging and other electricity in accordance with safety standards. 

4. Community fire-fighting facilities and equipment should be complete.

Fire protection principle

1. Prevention is the most important, safety is the key. 

2. When a fire happens, if the fire is not found to be large, should actively use fire equipment, struggling to control the small fire, put out; Remember: Split Second, put out the “Initial fire.”. 

3. Be Calm and decisive when the fire is out of control and help others. 

4. Meet others and oneself by fire or toxic smoke attack, to actively save themselves or each other, and wait for professional rescue.