Double-eleven courier fraud


Hello, do you have a delivery service at home? You can pay 380 yuan at your door.”Every online shopping carnival, many people will receive such a call. Some people think it is their own or their family members’online shopping service and end up falling into the trap of a swindler.

When online shopping becomes a daily activity, swindlers have also found a new scam. Singles’Day is coming soon. Some swindlers are beginning to get restless. Don’t worry, read on to learn how to spot online shopping scams with ease.

1.Cash on delivery express

Impersonating a courier with the phone to find out if you are at home, and then falsely claimed to have to pay the courier on the door, through the text message to send the code to receive money to commit fraud.

Fraud method is simple and crude but the amount is small and daily online shopping express, the number of swindlers is extremely large

2. Express lost

First received a call from the Courier that the Courier was lost, add the official customer service can compensate. After adding friends, they were asked to click the link sent by the customer service, fill in the bank card and password, and enter the verification code. The balance in the card was immediately transferred.

An organized and premeditated fraud the inexperienced student party and online shopping neophytes of the middle-aged and elderly are vulnerable

3. Online shopping refund

Posing as customer service online shopping platform, to “Buy product quality but clearance, out of stock,”and other excuses for a refund. According to the request to add friends, and then you will encounter point links, scan code transfer, credit points need to improve the situation. Click on the link, and you’ll be asked to fill out your ID card, bank card number, cell phone number, Verification Code, etc. . If it is scanning code transfer, is to the buyer with other loan platform transfer, said is the flow or credit points of the problem, after the transfer can continue to refund process.

Similar to the previous scam, the process is complicated and some people can detect it in the middle, but the vast majority of people are still led by the swindler

Police tips

Any transaction including refund, settlement of claims do not deviate from the formal platform to pay express delivery do not casually receive each other to send links do not click personal information, bank account numbers do not fill out easily