Smoking is bad for your health


Hazards of smoking

Smoking is harmful, not only to human health, but also to society. Any organism that has any signs of life must breathe, exhale carbon dioxide from its body, inhale oxygen from the air, and metabolize it to sustain normal life. Non-smokers can breathe a lot of fresh air every day, while regular smokers, but do not enjoy the benefits of nature, breathing not fresh air, but by the smoke pollution of toxic gases. Tobacco leaves contain nicotine, also known as nicotine. A gram of nicotine can kill 300 rabbits or 500 mice. If you give a man 50 milligrams of nicotine, he’ll die. 

1. Smoking is the most harmful to the respiratory tract, it is easy to cause Laryngitis, tracheitis, emphysema and other diseases. When smoking cigarettes from the mouth into the throat, through the trachea, Bronchi, into the blood. 

2. Smoking reduces life expectancy: When it comes to the dangers of smoking, we have to talk about life expectancy. According to some studies, the average length of life is shortened by 11 minutes per cigarette. Of course, this figure is not necessarily accurate, but one thing is certain, non-smokers live longer than smokers. 

3. Smoking affects sleep quality: According to a new survey by German scientists, smokers sleep less than non-smokers and have poorer sleep quality. Nicotine is a major contributor to poor sleep, which can lead to poor mental health after Wakefulness, and some studies have shown that if habitual sleep is poor, it can also lead to health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Ways to quit smoking

1.Cognitive therapy

To help patients fully understand the harm of smoking to themselves and others, to establish the determination and confidence to quit smoking, do not think that their smoking history is longer and can not quit, must think: I will quit. In daily life, there are many heavy smokers, many times have failed to quit smoking, and later got the disease should not smoke, or quit after making up their minds.

2.Aversion therapy

Choose some negative stimulation to make the smoker have aversion to the smoking behavior. For example, by using the rapid smoking method, the patient would first inhale the smoke into the lungs at the rate of one puff per second. As this rate far exceeds the normal rate of smoking, nicotine would be inhaled in large quantities in a short period of time, patients will have a strong physical reaction, such as dizziness, nausea, Tachycardia and so on. Then ask the patient to experience the bad feeling, and then let him breathe fresh air for a while, the two are in sharp contrast. The patients were then asked to smoke quickly until they no longer wanted to smoke and were uncomfortable with the sight of cigarettes. As long as the treatment is continued 2-3 times, the general will quit. But this method can not be used for people suffering from heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, bronchitis, Emphysema, etc. 

3.Systematic smoking cessation

It is more difficult to ask a quitter to give up smoking all at once, especially for heavy smokers. Therefore, we should take a step-by-step approach to quitting smoking. Smokers tend to be subliminal smokers, so before quitting, make a plan to quit smoking, calculate the number of cigarettes a day, how long each cigarette, subliminal smoking habits into conscious smoking. In the process of quitting smoking, to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes a day, and gradually extend the interval between smoking, such as two days to reduce a cigarette, a day to reduce a cigarette, half a day to reduce a cigarette, so continue to decline; An hour to smoke a cigarette, two hours to smoke a cigarette, half a day to smoke a cigarette, increasing the interval, and finally achieve the goal of quitting smoking.

Smoking ban system

In order to implement the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government for the establishment of a national health city, to effectively strengthen the health education work of their units, and to intensify the publicity and management of the anti-smoking work, to achieve the goal of creating “Smoke-free units”and “Civilized units”double harvest, special provisions are as follows: 

1. the Unit Office, meeting room, activity room, reading room and other public places no smoking, no smoking sets, visitors do not respect the smoke. 

2. Display no-smoking signs at prominent locations. 

3. Have the duty and responsibility to discourage smokers from entering the office building. 

4. make full use of health education classes, blackboard newspaper, radio, the network and other forms, to carry out smoking harmful to health publicity and education activities.

5. Smokers in non-designated places are liable to a fine of 50 yuan each time; non-personnel of the unit are liable to a fine of 20 yuan each time. Within the no-smoking area, a fine of 10-20 yuan shall be imposed on the person directly responsible for the discovery of a cigarette butt.

6. The Leading Group of the anti-smoking work carries out regular and irregular inspections, and all departments where smokers or cigarette butts are found shall strictly comply with the fine standards and be disqualified from the evaluation of the civilized departments.