Vice President Zhao Beiping gave a lecture on "Professional Learning and Career Development" for students


At 16:00 on November 1, the Career Development Education Workshop sponsored by the Student Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Center of Wuhan Technology and Business University was held at the University Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base. The vice president of the school, Zhao Beiping, made the theme for more than 40 freshmen on Professional Learning and Career Development.

Vice President Zhao Beiping first listened carefully to the students' confusion about the major they were studying and how to make career choices. The students expressed their opinions and asked questions enthusiastically.

After listening to the students’ questions, Zhao Beiping asked the students’ questions from three aspects: the relationship between the undergraduate professional training program course modules and career use, professional courses and career adaptability, career positioning and selection factors.

Finally, Zhao Beiping said to the students: I hope this exchange can help you to further your career development plans, establish career goals and work hard for them.

After the workshop, the students all expressed that they have benefited a lot. I have just entered university and I am very confused about my future career development. After listening to the topic sharing by Vice President Zhao Beiping, I have a preliminary understanding of my career plan, I will continue to participate in this workshop later to further clarify the direction of my career development, a student said.

It is reported that the Student Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Center organized this event to provide more personalized services and guidance for the career development of students, and will continue to hold a series of activities in the future.