"Moot Court" Trial of Telecom Fraud Cases in WTBU


At 7:00 pm on November 12, the Moot Court-Identify Telecom Fraud event hosted by the Hongbo Law Society of Wuhan Technology and Business University was held in Room 403 of the school gymnasium. Teachers and students from the Law Association of Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the School of Grammar and Law participated in this event.

After the moot court, Wang Bangfeng, the chairman of the 10th Hongbo Law Society, Zhang Yifan, the vice chairman, and Chen Jie, the director of the moot court department, respectively introduced the significance of this event. This event is to strengthen the awareness of fraud prevention and self-protection, strengthen the concept of using the law to protect their own legal rights, guide students to cultivate a positive, healthy, and upward life attitude and value pursuit, and jointly build a campus defense against telecommunications fraud, and at the same time train and exercise law students comprehensive skills such as knowledge application ability, language organization ability, expression ability, thinking reaction and logical reasoning.

Through observing the trial, the students present expressed that they had taken a lively legal education and prevention of telecommunications fraud publicity class.