WTBU students won the first prize of the undergraduate group of the National College Students Mathematical Contest in Modeling


On November 15, the Organizing Committee of the National College Students Mathematical Contest in Modeling announced the winners of the 2021 Higher Education Club National College Students Mathematical Contest in Modeling. Organized by the Public Course Department of Wuhan Technology and Business University, under the guidance of Fan Bingchan, the students Wang Hongli of the School of Economics and Business Foreign Languages, Tu Shuangru from the School of Environment and Bioengineering, and Wu Tao from the School of Computer and Automation won the first prize in the undergraduate group of the competition. The award is the only representative team of its kind in Hubei Province that has won the first prize in the undergraduate category, refreshing the school's best results in this competition.

“It’s not easy to be able to win the prize. The instructors gave careful guidance before the game. Our team members encouraged each other and worked together to spend more than three months of preparatory time,” said Wu Tao. In preparation for the competition, the instructor and the team members did not rest during the summer. Teacher Fan Bingchan gave detailed comments on each of the team’s simulation questions from the three aspects of ideas, procedures and writing, and constantly guided the team members to improve their research ideas and solutions. Everyone is busy in the laboratory from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and only returns to the dormitory late at night. “From preparing for the competition to now winning awards, I feel that I have gained a lot. In addition to gaining valuable experience in the game and the friendship of fighting side by side with my teammates, I also enhance the ability to think well and deal with problems calmly,” Wu Tao concluded.

As the main organizer of the team and the main undertaker of the training course, Cheng Bin, director of the Mathematics Teaching and Research Office of the Public Course Department, introduced that the teaching and research office has started relevant organization and training since the beginning of the year. Because the competition involves a wide range of knowledge and skills, a large number of theoretical courses are required. In addition to the regular pre-match training, the team of mathematical modeling instructors also conducted high-intensity white and black training for students during the sprint stage of preparation for the competition. “Because the competition opponents are strong, I have strict requirements for the students. Fortunately, they are very self-conscious”, Cheng Bin said with satisfaction.