Hubei Software Industry Vocational Skills Competition kicks off at WTBU


On November 20th, the 2021 Hubei Craftsman Cup Skills Competition-Hubei Software Industry Vocational Skills Competition, hosted by the Hubei Software Industry Association and the Hubei Vocational Skills Appraisal Guidance Center and undertaken by Wuhan  Technology and Business University, kicked off at WTBU. The competition attracted 12 colleges and universities from Wuhan Business College, Hubei Vocational College of Science and Technology, Hubei Ecological Engineering Vocational and Technical College, Hubei Biotechnology Vocational College, Wuchang Vocational College, Wuhan City Vocational College, etc.

This competition set up six special project competitions for business software solutions, mobile application development, industrial Internet technology, soil testing and fertilization information technology, blockchain technology, and network security technology. The competition for business software solution projects and mobile application development projects will be held on November 20-21. Industrial Internet technology projects and soil testing and fertilization technology projects will be launched on November 27-28. Blockchain technology projects and network security project will be carried out on December 4-5.

"Through this competition, I not only met many like-minded and excellent friends, but also further consolidated and improved my professional knowledge and improved my practical ability. First prize winner of the business software solution competition", Zheng Jiaxin from WTBU said after the game.